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How do I become a team member of Rockford Riptide.                                                                                                                    Aspiring team members must pass an swim assessment  i.e., swimming 25 yards repeatedly without stopping or using lane lines demonstrating the basics of the freestyle and backstroke to become a Jr Riptide Team Member. United States Swimming (USAS) Team Members are also assessed after a consultation with coaching staff for approximate group placement. New USA Team members may have to complete USA Swimming Transfer Form to compete. All swimmers who compete in USAS meets will have a USA Swimming membership for eligibility and insurance. This is an annual fee assessed to members in December.

Registration and tryout information is placed on our home page prior to each session and on the JR Riptide tab on the webpage. You may click here to be redirected to the registration page.

Practice & Meet Information

Practice Schedule & Changes 
Please refer to the Group Calendars page for practice schedules. Last minute updates will be sent out via email to the team. To ensure you receive these emails, please check that your email address you use for your member account on the website is up to date.

Practice Cancellation Policy 
As with all weather or facility situations, we will post a notice to the website and also send an e-mail out in the event we have a cancellation. Regardless of other school activities, if RPS posts that all Community Services evening activities are canceled then Riptide does not have practice. 

Practice Status Notification Policy                                                                                                                                                   Unless posted differently, practice is running as scheduled. If there is a cancelation it will be posted on the website, emailed, and texted. If you suspect a possible misprint or error, please contact a coach or board member. Email contacts are on the Coach tab and Board tab under Club Info.

If you are too sick to go to school, you should not go to practice. Please email or contact the coaches to let them know of illness so they know that your swimmer will not be at practice(s). Attendance records will be updated. Also, get the homework assignments and lessons caught up before returning to practice.  

If your swimmer experiences an injury, please connect with his or her coach at the earliest convenience. Please let the coaching staff know the nature of the injury, treatment plan and prognosis. A note from a health care professional should accompany any specific practice directives or restrictions. Please keep coaches posted when a follow up appointment occurs. This helps to ensure that practice plans can include any revisions to previous treatment advice.

Picking up from Practices
Parents, we need you to pick up your swimmers within 5-10 minutes of the end of practices. Please call the pool (NRMS 863-6316 option "5", or, RHS 863-6042) and have the pool staff let the Riptide Coaches know if you are running late. This is especially important during inclement weather or in the winter when it gets dark earlier.   

Team Registration, Meets & Events
Swim meets and events where entry or head count is required for will be posted for sign up under the events tab on our webpage. Team registration will be available on the home page with command buttons available to start the team registration process. New swimmers joining Riptide after registration sessions close may connect directly with Coach Terri for information.


Parent Information

USA Swimming (USAS)                                                                                                                                                                    There is an abundance of great information for swimming parents and swimmers on the USA swimming website ( There you can learn more about the Role of a Parent, Swimmer Growth & Development, Your Child's Training and Nutrition & Health.

Michigan Swimming (USAS)                                                                                                                                                             Our Local Swim Committee (LSC), Michigan Swimming, Inc. has webpage that hosts a great deal of information for our state. Visit the page at to learn more about events for short course and long course season, time standards , governance, safety and programs such as diversity, para-swimming, and open water.   

Rockford Riptide (ROCK)                                                                                                                                                                 Our Swim Club, Rockford Riptide (ROCK at USA meets) uses this webpage to hosts a great deal of information for our club. Jr Riptide swimmers have a special tab for team info. Level I swimmers receive a team handbook to help them navigate into United States Swimming (USAS), West Michigan Swim League (WMSL) and the next level of swimming at Rockford Riptide. Coaching staff and Board members have emails posted on the two tabs under club info where parents can email questions. Dedicated emails or are also available to connect with coaching staff and board members.  

College Eligibility                                                                                                                                                                                In collaboration with Team Unify, Rockford Riptide has available tools and resources of Next College Student Athlete many tools are free but others do have a fee.

Riptide Policies                                                                                                                                                                                     In compliance with USA swimming, Riptide has developed policies for Travel, Bullying, and Electronic Communications, utilizing the templates provided by USA swimming. These are posted on the Registration page of the website. A copy of these policies can be found on the documents page of our website.

Riptide Post Office Box 
PO Box 382, Rockford MI 49341 is available for Riptide correspondence, registrations and invoice remittance.  


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