Membership Forms

Swimmers interested in joining the team should provide ALL completed forms (#1-6) below and email electronically to coach during evaluation. 

Please follow the steps before electronic submission to prevent delay of registration process. 

1. Please type the information.   Handwritten forms or paper forms will not be accepted and will be returned.  

2. Multiple swimmer family needs to fill in forms for each swimmer.  We do not accept multiple swimmers in one form.

3. Please do not send checks with applications!

4. Submit completed forms electronically. (email to coach or [email protected]

If you have any problems completing the forms electronically, please let us know and we are happy to assist you.  A swimmer will be officially registered with the team when all forms and payment are received.


2020-21 Registration Forms are updated.

(1) Registration Checklist

2020-2021 Registration Checklist

(2a) USA Swimming Application

USA Swimming Registration Form

AND (2b) USA Swimming Transfer (if swimmers belong to a different USA Swimming team before joining)

USA Swimming Transfer Form

(3) Michigan Concussion

Michigan Concussion Parent Athlete Form

(4) Participation Agreement

2019-20 New Participation Agreement

(5) Information Release Agreement

Photo, Video, Name, News Release Policy Agreement

(6) Apparel Order

Appparel Form.xlsx‚Äč