Team Policies


Saline Swim Team Policies 

Refund policy - Refunds will be offered for those wishing to withdraw from the season before the refund deadline which will be specified each season in the season description. The refund given will be less a 10% administrative fee and prorated for the number sessions offered up to the date that the refund was requested. Registration fees and Credit Card processing fees are not refundable. 

Payment options: All options: The listed registration fee, paid by credit card, will be due at the time of registration.  1 Payment - Amount shown due by September 1st. 2 Payments - two installments due by the first of the month in October and January. 4 Payments - four installments due by the first of the month in September, November, December and February. 
*Note: All families will be required to put a credit card on file at registration. Aside from the registration fees you are welcome to pay by check. When a payment is due an email will be sent with a check due date. The card on file will automatically be charged for any account balances not paid by check by the date listed in the email.  There is a $15 banking fee for returned checks.


Volunteer - As part of my child(ren)'s participation with the Saline Swim Team, I understand that my family must provide a volunteer for a minimum of 12 volunteer hours* (Mini-Rays/ Club = 4 Hours) throughout the year. If my volunteer quota is not fulfilled within the time frame I understand and agree to make a donation up to $80, based on the number of hours not worked. This donation will go towards a scholarship fund that will be set up to help families in need of financial assistance. (This amount will be prorated based on the balance of un-worked hours and will be automatically billed July 1st). You MUST volunteer for at least one session for each of our hosted meets.

*Volunteer hours may not equal actual hours spent volunteering. Actual hours will vary based on the length of the event volunteered for. Every effort will be made to accurately predict the volunteer hours needed before posting the volunteer position.

Splash Fees Policy (if applicable)- As part of your child(ren)'s participation in USA swimming with Saline Swim Team there will be meet entry (splash) fees for each USA meet and that I am responsible for these fees. Saline Swim Team will notify you when your splash account balance reaches $40 or less and you will need to replenish it as needed. If funds are not available at the time of meet entry your child(ren) will NOT be entered into that meet. 

Photo Release Policy - Saline Stingrays would like to publish photos and/ or video taken at swim meets, practices, etc. Published photos may be used on the team FACEBOOK page, the team website or in marketing materials. By agreeing I give my permission for my child(ren)'s images to be used. 

*If you wish to opt out of the photo agreement please contact Nick Munsell at

USA Swimming Safe Sport - As part of our club's membership with USA Swimming we follow USA swimming's Safe Sport guidelines. As part of this initiative there are a few policies that we must have in place to help keep our swimmers safe.

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)

Bullying Action Plan


SST Tech Suit Policy - Tech suits, while providing a percentage lift and psychological edge are not a performance cure all. The tech suit should provide the final "lift" when all other preparatory elements are in place: i.e. training, taper, nutrition, rest and recovery.

The consistent use of tech suits demeans the advantage it is intended to provide. In other words, the more you race in a tech suit, the less likely that advantage is to be productive. Tech suits should be reserved for season culminating swims and focus swims.

In response to concern over current youth swimmer’s over-reliance on tech suits, USA swimming House of Delegates has voted to ban the use of all tech suits for 12 & under swimmers starting in September 2020.

It is our team’s policy that Outside of States, Sectionals and Jr Nationals, no swimmer is to wear a tech suit without the expressed approval of their Lead Group Coach.

While there may be justifications to "suit up" in other meets and at other times, these decisions need to be made in conjunction with your swimmer's coaching professional.

A swimmer who fails to adhere to the above policy may be removed from the competition at their coach’s discretion.