Hints from Parents

Helpful Hints from parents



Helpful Hints From Veteran Swim Patents

Hints and Tips from Experienced Parents

  1. VOLUNTEER! This was by far the most recommended response that was given.  There were many reasons given, they include the following:

·  It is the best way to find out how the team runs from the inside out.  ~Barb Czyrka

·  You get to know the coaching staff. ~Barb Czyrka

·  You get to know the swimmers your child swims with. ~Barb Czyrka

·  Timing is a good introductory job to get used to how a meet runs. ~Lynelle Morgan

·  Marshalling is a great way to learn the names of the kids your child swims with.  Both jobs are a lot of fun. ~Lynelle Morgan

·  When you Volunteer, your kids notice and appreciate it; they feel like you are a part of the team. ~Mark Bartow

2. Visit Sun & Snow so you are familiar with where it is and what they have. The service is great. You can also have them fit your child for a suit and goggles.  They also have grab bag racks with suits that are 50% off which is great to pick up some extra practice suits. ~Lynelle Morgan

3. Help your Child understand that swimming is a TEAM sport, and that team results are more important than individual results.  This means that your child will not always be placed in events that they like to swim the most.  “You and your child will have more fun if you trust the coaches to do what’s best for the team, and encourage them to work hard at whatever they are asked to do”. ~Lynelle Morgan

4. Keep track of your child’s times so they can see their individual progress even if they are not winning lots of ribbons. ~Lynelle Morgan

·  I highly recommend this, this way they have a better measure of how they are doing not just comparing themselves to other swimmers.  Everyone progresses at their own rate.  ~Coach Nick

5. Pack lots of stuff for your kids at swimming and diving meets. Pack at least two towels, three is better. Have them wear something comfortable over their suit. Pack lots of snacks and things to do. ~Lynelle Morgan

6. Stay at the pool every once in a while and watch practice to see what  it is your kids do for the 1-2 hours they are there every day. ~Barb Czyrka

7. During swim meets encourage your children to stay on deck and bond with the other kids on the team. Also it is very hard for the marshals to find them when they are upstairs.  ~Barb Czyrka

8. Have two pairs of goggles in case one pair breaks or you lose them.  ~Mark Bartow

If you have any more hints or tips you can send them to Nick