Consulting Partners

We live in a community rich with intellectual resources. SST is pleased to help connect our swimmers and families with community resources that can enrich their lives inside and outside of the pool. 


BRIDGE ATHLETIC: Strength and Conditioning Partner

 (From Elite level, Olympic-caliber personalized strength training to every athlete.

No one competes to come in sixth. We know. Not so long ago, we were athletes and coaches ourselves. We saw first-hand the difference access to great coaching can make. Now we want to make a competitive advantage available to everyone, everywhere.

We build high-performance training tools for coaches and athletes who compete at the highest levels. For performance coaches who train High School, NCAA, Olympic and Professionals, our BridgeTracker platform leverages software to streamline workflow and data collection. With BridgeTracker coaches have the tools they need to build, deliver and track customized programs for their athletes. Combined with BridgeStrength, our sport-specific training program for individual athletes, strength and conditioning coaches everywhere now have access to comprehensive, highly-customized training plans for teams and athletes.


 Kyle Bunton, RD.- Nutrition and Wellness Partner 

Kyle Bunton is a Registered Dietitian with over 2 decades of experience in nutrition care. Kyle brings a strong understanding of therapeutic nutrition into clear focus when determining your personal nutrition goals. Kyle's clinical nutrition background, as well as her extensive culinary skills, assist her partners in enjoying healthy nutrition habits. Kyle's knowledge of sports nutrition remove guess work and confusion about how to eat for performance. 


 Dan Saferstein, Ph.D.- Sports Psychology Partner  

 Dan is a Licensed Psychologist, working with individuals, coaches, teams, and athletic departments in his Ann Arbor-based practice. He is available as a consultant and speaker to universities, corporations, and organizations around the country. Dan has published a number of books and has worked with Elite athletes at the USA Jr. National Hockey Team, University of Michigan and with many other organizations.