Your First Swim Meet

Your First Swim Meet

  1. Arrive ON TIME. The coaches will let you know what time you need to arrive at practice the week before. This information will also be available on the website, through e-mail, and on the team calendar.   

  2. Once you arrive, find the coach that is checking swimmers in.

  3. Once you have been checked in, find out where the rest of the team is sitting and make yourself comfortable. This is where you will sit until the meet is over.

  4. Once you put all of your stuff down, get in line to have your events written on your hand. Usually a couple of the parents from the team will do this. Just look for the long line. When the events get written on your hand, they will be written in the following order: Event #, Distance of your race, & the Stroke you are swimming.

  5. After you get your hand written on, go back to your spot, sit down, and wait for your age group to be called for warm-up. 

  6. After warm-up go back to your spot and wait for the marshals to call your first event. (Usually a few team parents do this) 

  7. Once you are marshaled, you will receive a card, follow their instructions until you get behind the blocks. DO NOT LOOSE YOUR CARD!

  8. Once the official tells you to, you may then step up on the block and swim your race.

  9. After you finish swimming your race, find a coach to see how awesome you did and get feedback!

  10. After you talk to a coach, go back to your seat until your next event is called.

  11. Once you are finished with all of your events, be sure to check with a coach to see if it's ok for you to leave. If you are swimming in the last event, then you may leave as soon as you finish your race.