Your First Swim Meet

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Helpful Hints for your First Swim Meet

  1. Arrive ON TIME. The coaches will let you know what time you need to arrive at practice the week before. This information will also be available on the website, through e-mail, and on the team calendar.   

  2. Once you arrive, find your coach to let them know you are there.

    • Check yourself if the meet is a “positive check-in” meet

  3. Find where the team is sitting and make yourself comfortable.

  4. Prepare yourself for warm-up.  This includes:

    • Putting swimsuit, cap and goggles on

    • Getting yourself warmed-up on deck

  5. Stand behind lane with team and wait for officials to announce: “The pool is now open for warm-up.”

  6. Enter water FEET first and get yourself warmed-up with the team.

  7. Find what heat and lane you are swimming in and memorize your events or write them on your hand.

  8. Speak to your coach before and after your race to receive advice and feedback.

  9. Warm-up and warm-down after each race.

  10. In between races, sit with team and cheer on your teammates.

  11. Once you are finished with all of your events, be sure to check with a coach to see if it's ok for you to leave.

Parent Education:

Please visit

Under the “Resources” tab you will find parent information for a variety of swimming topics.

Swim Meet Packing List

  • Swim bag

  • Swimsuit

  • Sharpie for writing events on hands

  • Card games

  • 2 pairs of goggles

  • SST black and white swim cap

  • Extra tennis shoes to wear during meet

  • SST warm-up jacket

  • Extra pants and warm clothes to wear during meet

  • 2-3 towels

  • Snacks

  • Water bottle

  • Chair

  • Positive attitude

Time Standards

Time standards for swim meets can be found on the Michigan Swimming under the “Times” tab on their homepage. Please note that these time standards are not set in stone and will periodically change.