League/Meet Descript

The maze of meets that the YMCA Sharks of Saginaw are involved. This is an effort to explain the different types of meets to you.

The YMCA league serves as our core league because of the strong emphasis placed upon allowing everyone (regardless of swimming ability) to participate in a variety of meets along with the "team" atmosphere it promotes. In Michigan the league is divided up into two separate areas – the Eastern Cluster and the Western Cluster. We are part of the Eastern Cluster, which contains such teams as Bay City, Birmingham, Farmington, Flint, Macomb, Rochester, and Oakland.

Dual Meets
These meet involves one team from another city that is affiliated with a local YMCA, just as we are. A Dual meet consists of the 92 "Y" events and is typically swam on Saturdays. There are no entry standards. Swimmers may swim up to three events and two relays.

One YMCA team host several other teams. The host team decides the events. Parents will be responsible for the entry fees for these meets.

8 & Under State Meet
All eight and under swimmers from the Michigan Cluster can participate in this one day meet. There are no entry standards. Swimmer may swim two events and two relays.

State Meet
Swimmers from the Michigan Cluster qualify for the state meet by achieving certain time standards and must have competed in 3 YMCA designated meets. This meet is for swimmer 9 and over, except in a case where an eight-year old makes a 9-10 year old time standard.

Great Lakes Zone Meet
Swimmers qualify for this regional YMCA meet by meeting certain time standards. Our zone consists of Ohio, W. Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan.

National Meet
Open YMCA National Championship held each April in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Swimmers must be 12 years old and have met the time standards.

To visit the YMCA League website: http://www.ymcacompetitiveswim.org/

YMCA Competitive Swimming GUIDELINES

  • All swimmers must be full privilege members of the YMCA they represent at least 30 days prior to a Dual Cluster; 60 days before state meets, and 90 days before Zone or National meets.
  • Age groups include: 10 and under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-19.
  • Each swimmer must swim in his/her own age group. Age will be determined as of December 1 of the current swimming season.
  • Swimmers must have competed in at least 3 Y closed meets for his/her association prior to the Cluster Meet. The three meets must be on different dates.
  • The current season is from September 1 through April 30.
  • A swimmer must have represented only his/her local YMCA in any open competition during the current season. A swimmer may not swim for a YMCA team and a different USS team. Swimmers may swim unattached for USS.
  • Each swimmer may swim 4 events, 2 individual events and 2 relays, or 3 individual events and 1 relay in dual meets.

YMCA Sharks of Saginaw are a member of this Michigan Team Swim League. The league consists of teams that do not belong to the YMCA League. It includes such teams as St. Johns, Mt. Pleasant, Caro, and Alma. The MTSL presents additional opportunities for the YMCA swimmers to participate in invitational and championship meets. Participants swim there age for that day when they swim in an MTSL meet.

Dual Meets
The same as outlined on the previous page only with MTSL teams.

State Championship Meet
Swimmers qualify for the state meet by achieving certain time standards and swimming in 2 MTSL Meets during the season.

MTSL South or North League Championship
A consolation meet for those swimmers who do not qualify for the state championship meet.

YMCA Sharks of Saginaw are also a registered USA swimming team. USA swimming is an option for swimmers who may be interested in competition year round. USA swimming provides swimmers the opportunity to swim at a highly competitive level with more options for swimming at larger invitationals. Swimmers who choose to swim USA swimming meets must also be individual USA swimming members ($52.00). If this is something that might interest your swimmer please contact either Chet Swanton or Dave Hilbrandt for more information.

To visit the USA Swimming website: http://www.usaswimming.org/