Rules & Guidelines

As a member of the YMCA Sharks of Saginaw Swim Team, swimmers and parents should know and be will to agree to the team rules and expectations before accepting a position on the team.  


  • Sportsmanship and appropriate behavior are expected. All facilities that are used by the swimmers for practice and/or meets must be treated with respect. Any misuse of facilities will be cause for disciplinary action.
  • Team and individual morale is an important part of our team. Parents, coaches, and swimmers are expected to provide encouragement and praise to their fellow team members. Congratulations, a pat on the back, shaking hands, or cheering, are all signs of good sportsmanship and can do wonders to build self-esteem.
  • Parents are not to interrupt a coach during practice. Parents with questions should send a note to practice or call Chet at 737-5152.


  • ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE - Practice begins and ends at the designated times. Please arrive early enough to be ready to enter the pool at the specified time. Parents should escort swimmers into the practice site and be available to pick up their swimmer 15 minutes before the scheduled end of practice.
  • ILLNESS/INJURY - If a swimmer becomes sick or injured during practice, the coach on deck will call or have a designated person call the swimmers’ emergency contact.
  • Proper weather attire should be worn at all times to avoid illness. Warm hats and scarves are highly recommended during the cool weather months.
  • PRACTICE POLICY - Practice is a time for the swimmer to practice skills and go through a training schedule. Proper and legal strokes, turns, and starts will be expected. Swimmers must start and finish at the walls during workout.
  • DECK POLICY - Parents are expected to remain in the designated areas during practice. There is no food or street shoes allowed on the pool deck.
  • LOCKER ROOM/REST ROOM - Showers are to be taken before entering the pool. Restrooms are to be used before and after practice. Locks are RECOMMENDED for every practice. Be considerate of groups we share the facility with. Parents should monitor younger swimmers in the locker rooms. Coaches do not supervise the locker rooms.
  • EQUIPMENT - Proper swimsuits are required. Goggles are strongly recommended. Towels are to be brought on deck. Personal kickboards, pull bouys, and fins are optional. A small quantity are supplied by each facility. Swimmers are expected to take care of any equipment used returning it to it’s proper storage location.
  • CANCELLLATIONS/CHANGES - Cancellations will be handled via an email from the Parent Organization Communications person and phone tree from the YMCA will be sent to all swimmers once a practice is cancelled.
  • Scheduled cancellations will also be put in the YShark Newsletter.
  • When participating schools are closed due to bad weather or utility failure, practice will be cancelled.
  • School activities come first, so if there is a schedule conflict practice will be cancelled. Whenever possible, these dates will be in the newsletter prior to that cancellation.
  • COMMUNICATIONS - Every effort is made to send out emails as soon as information is available or a cancellation has occurred. Coaches will make announcements at practice. If a swimmer has missed a practice, it is their responsibility to check with their coach regarding a missed announcement.
  • DISCIPLINE POLICY - The coaching staff has authority to discipline when deemed necessary according to the following procedure:
    1. The swimmer will be warned.
    2. The swimmer will be asked to call his/her parent and have them picked up from practice
    3. The swimmer will be excused from practice area once parents are present.
    4. Parents will be informed of the misconduct as soon as possible following the discipline
  • LOST AND FOUND - If an item has been left, the swimmer should identify it to the coach. The coaches will check the deck after each practice, but will not be responsible for swimmer’s personal items left in locker rooms. Please write swimmer’s name on EVERYTHING.


  • ATTENDANCE - Attendance is desired at all DUAL meets. If you are unable to attend a meet, let the coach know as soon as possible. Dual meets consist of YMCA and MTSL meets.
  • WARM UP - Swimmer are expected to be on time! Warm up usually begins 30 minutes prior to the start of a meet. Swimmers are to be on deck 15 minutes prior to warm up.
  • LINE UP - It is the responsibility of the coach to enter each swimmer in the meet events with the exception of an invitational. If there is a question regarding the events a swimmer is swimming, please contact the coach. All relays will be put together at the coaches discretion. The coaching staff will have the authority to make any changes in the line up.
  • DECK POLICY - Parents or family are not allowed on the pool deck during a meet except when asked by the coach or when volunteering.
  • EQUIPMENT - Team suits, caps, warm ups, goggles, towels, and an extra suit are recommended at all meets.