2017-2018 Membership Rates & Information:

***Spring/Summer 2018 Registration will open on February 12. If your swimmer is already registered for the full year (September - end of summer), no need to do anything further. If you are unsure what you registered for at the beginning of the season, contact the office at***

2018 Spring Session: April 4 – June 8, 2018

2018 Summer Session:  June 11 - July 2018 (end date determined by finals meet for swimmer)


The 2017-2018 season begins on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. The table below explains the fee structure
for the upcoming season. Fall registration will allow families to register for full year or fall/winter season.
Spring/summer registration will be available February 12, 2018.

All families will be required to have a credit card/checking account on file with the Edina Swim Club.  Invoices are
generated by Team Unify on the 1st of each month.  Credit card/checking account will be charged for each
month's charges on the 1st of each month. Your credit card information is secure and is not viewable or accessible
by any employees of the Edina Swim Club.  For security reasons, you may have a loaded Visa gift card on file
and your charges will be withdrawn from said gift card on the first of each month.

Fall/Winter Options for Gator I & Age Group Prep:
Families have the option of signing up for 12 week sessions, without committing to an entire season or year. 

Gator I & Age Group Prep Session Dates & Rates: (FALL/WINTER ONLY)
Session 1: September 6 – November 22, 2017 Gator 1: $350 / Age Group Prep: $450
Session 2: November 27 – March 2, 2018  Gator 1: $350 / Age Group Prep: $450

Annual Fundraiser: We will have a Swim - A- Thon in the spring of 2018. Date to be determined. This is our required fundraiser for all members, except Gator 1 and Age Group Prep. Full season registrations will be asked to raise $150 per family. Spring and summer registrations will be asked to raise $75 per family. If your athlete does not participate, your swim account will be billed accordingly. This fundraiser has been a fun team event along with raising funds for items the club may be in need of now or in the future.



Gator I

Gator II

Gator III

Age Group Prep

Age Group Bronze

Age Group Silver

Age Group Gold

Sr. Prep

Sr. Bronze

Sr. Silver



Full Season
9/7/17 - 7/2018
(check calendars for ending dates per group)














9/7/17 - 3/2018
(check calendars for ending dates per group)













Fall-Winter with another sport
9/7/17 - 3/2018
(check calendars for ending dates per group)













Spring Session
4/4/18 – 6/8/18













Spring/Summer Session
4/4/18 - 7/2018
(check calendars for ending dates per group)













Summer Session
6/11/18 - 7/2018
(check calendars for ending dates per group)













  1. Swimmers who register for the full year receive a substantial discount from those who register for individual seasons.
  2. Choosing a payment option (instead of payment in full) will increase the dues to cover administrative fees.
  3. Fall/winter with another sport is for swimmers who participate in other MSHSL (Minnesota State High School League) fall and/or winter sports between September and March. Swimmers selecting this option are allowed a maximum of 19 weeks "in the water" during the winter season. This option is only available Age Group Gold and all senior groups.
  4. Swimmers who register for spring can choose to add the summer session at a later date.  Please contact the office if you will swim spring and want to add summer.

Multiple Swimmer Discount:

Multiple swimmer discounts are for families who register for the Full Season prior to the first billing period of October 1. 
Full Season is September through August.  The first swimmer pays full price, the second receives a $100 discount, and
each additional swimmer receives a $200 discount.


First Swimmer

Second Swimmer

Additional Swimmers

Full Amount

$100 discount

$200 discount for each swimmer



Fee Description

Fee Amount

Registration Fees/Move Up Fees

Full Season Registration Fee per swimmer
Fall/winter Registration Fee per swimmer
Gator 1 Session 1/2; Age Group Prep Session 1/2
Registration cap for families with 3 or more swimmers
Spring/Summer Registration Fee per swimmer

Full Season Registrations mid-season move up fee



USA Swimming

All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming via the Edina Swim Club. The team administrator will take care of all USA Swimming registrations.


Meet Fees

The Edina Swim Club will add all meet fees to each swimmer's invoice throughout the season. Meet fees will be billed on the first of the month. Meet fees are generally between $25 and $100 depending on the number of events a swimmer has entered into. For meets paid per splash, the ESC will add $.50 per splash per swimmer and $.50 per relay per swimmer along with an admin fee of $6. For flat fee meets, the ESC will add $5 per swimmer for admin fees. A travel meet fee will be added to help cover club travel expenses if overnight is required. Fees will be based on location of meet. This meet fee will be listed on the Meets & Evens page for each travel meet.

$15 - $100 / Meet

Late Fee

Any balance past due after the 20th of each month will be assessed a late fee.  If an account is delinquent for more than 60 days, the swimmer will not be allowed to practice until the account is paid in full.


Late Pick Up Charge

All families are responsible for picking up their swimmer(s) no later than 15 minutes after the posted practice end time. Any swimmers without a responsible party present after 15 minutes will be assessed a late pick up fee starting with the second offense and each additional offense.



  • New swimmers who withdraw from the club within two weeks of registering will receive a full refund of all dues.
  • No dues/fees will be refunded after the first two weeks of practice, with the exception of injuries that cause the swimmer to be out for more than six seeks. In such situations, a doctor's medical note is required. Contact the Edina Swim Club office.
  • The $66.00 USA Swimming Athlete membership fee is not refundable.

Volunteer Commitment

A part of joining the Edina Swim Club is committing time to volunteer at our hosted meets throughout the year.

Volunteer Requirements