Once a year we open team registration for a month from July 15th-August 15th.  Families should attend our yearly open house in September to meet the coaching staff, purchase needed equipment and ask questions. RSC is a year-long swim team as of Fall 2017.



First time program participants may try the program for two weeks without paying membership fees. After that point, registration and payment must be submitted to continue with the swim club.  All waivers must be signed before trying the program.



An annual non-refundable registration fee of $150.00 for September 2017-July 2018 (As of July 31st, 2017).

Register by August 31st, 2017 to receive $25 off your registration fee.

This fee is payable online through the Rochester Swim Club website and is required for each swimmer, this fee is non-refundable.  The annual registration fee assists in the cost of USA & AAU swimming registration, a team shirt, team cap, team car sticker, as well as hospitality for the meet officials and coaches. Swimmers will not be allowed to begin practice until the registration fee is received.

*Please note - when registering with the Rochester Swim Club we require a credit card to remain on file on your account to pay for monthly charges, meet fees and activities.  You may select ACH withdrawal for monthly charges, meet fees and activities, but we still require a credit card on file. As of July 31st, 2017, we will accept check payments for Annual charges only.   Reminder to check the fees associated with using a credit card or ACH payment.

**Going forward for the 2018-2019 season, after your initial registration, subsequent registrations will be charged to your account annually, on the 1st of July and will be considered a rolling registration which allows your swimmer to retain their spot on the team. If your swimmer decides not to continue with swimming please inform of your intent to withdraw by the 1st of June to cease rolling registration as discussed above and allow other swimmers to have a spot on the team.


As of July 19, 2017, the following organizational changes go into effect. The swim season will run from September 12th through July 31st each year to allow for consistent practice schedules for the season. In the past we have charged for stroke clinics in March and August to bridge the gap between seasons. For the 2017-2018 swim season, we will offer clinics and practices in March and August without additional charges. We believe the change to a year-round season allows for a more consistent practice schedule for parents, coaches, and swimmers. Swimmers will be registered for the entire year combining short and long course into one yearly swim season payable in 10 monthly installments or annually. To clarify, there are 11 months of swimming payable in 10 monthly installments or annually. If a swimmer registers between August 15- December 31 team dues are considered paid after the receipt of 10 monthly installments.

If a swimmer registers and begins swimming any time after January 1, 2018, Team dues must be paid each month beginning January and continuing through July. If you are a new swimmer to the team please contact .

The first Team dues installments are due September 1st , 2017, (this will change to August 1st in 2018) and dues installments will continue to be due on the first of each month until 10 monthly installments have been reached or July 1, whichever comes first.

Once the yearly tuition amount or 10 monthly payments have been received, recurring team charges will cease. Recurring charges for meets will be invoiced as stated above.  In the event a swimmer voluntarily opts to suspend membership at any time prior to the receipt of 10 consecutive Team Dues Installments the family is responsible for the remainder of the season tuition. You will be billed for the entire year based on your payment unless you submit notification of termination (see section on termination policy). As our team continues to grow your spot on the team is secured by this policy.  In the future, we may need to cap the competitive swim team to allow for the best coaching practices and success of your swimmers.



Please carefully review your courtesy billing statement that is emailed to your primary email account the 20th of each month to make sure you are aware of and prepared to pay the correct amount. Non-recurring monthly charges such as meet fees, cap fees, events, champ dinners, and banquets and are due in full the first of every month.  A $25 late fee is automatically billed to any account for which the total outstanding balance has not been received by mail or if your credit card is not current causing monthly charges to fail. Please make your payments on time and keep your credit card updated. Our Team Unify billing system gives you ample reminders to update payment information for expiring credit cards. 

Overdue balances will be assessed a $25.00 late fee for balances over 30 days in arrears and 30 days thereafter. Late monthly fees will be assessed per family if monthly fees are not paid by the 1st of the month.



The RSC coaches will periodically make group moves based on a swimmer’s age and ability. If your swimmer is moving to a group with a higher fee, you must pay the pro-rated difference for annual fees. If you are paying monthly, the month following the group move will reflect the higher tuition rate for the swimmer. Group moves are typically conducted in December and April.




**New this year, high school swimmers may attend practices with the swim team during the high school swim season provided there are no conflicts with the high school coaches. Please check the schedule for those morning practices which coaches have deemed open for HS swimmers. We believe this allows for continuity in coaching and team building for the swimmers. High School swimmers will receive a 20% reduction in fees for the total year round.



The outstanding balance, which includes recurring charges of team dues and non-recurring charges and any other financial obligations are due on the first of the month.  For improved efficiency and security in accounting, RSC billing is only able to accept payments for team dues and other team fees in the following payment options:

  1. Online draft from Visa, Mastercard or Discover or ACH bank draft.
  2. Annual fees may be mailed payments to the Rochester Swim Club, Our mailing address: PO BOX 7796, Rochester, MN  55903

If the total outstanding balance is not received by the 1st of each month, a $25.00 late will be assessed. A $35.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks. If a swimmer leaves the program before the end of the fiscal year or after the 5th of any month, there is no refund of monthly dues under any payment option.


Scholarships are available and are processed by an outside firm. Please contact for more information.


Annual and monthly fees are non-refundable. Exceptions may be made in the form of a credit toward future sessions for a swimmer with a serious illness or an injury lasting 4 or more consecutive weeks. You must contact with medical documentation for the illness/injury.  Please contact the billing office as soon as possible following injury.

Refunds may be given for families moving out of the area who have paid the full amount. Contact at least 4 weeks prior to your move in to receive a refund. Include the date of your move so the appropriate refund can be determined. No refunds will be issued if you contact us after you move.  

There are NO refunds for swimmers missing any part of a year or season for any other reason beyond injury or illness, although in special circumstances a credit may be applied to future sessions. Please contact with details of your situation if it is outside said listed circumstances and it will be reviewed.


As of July 19, 2017 here is the new policy for Family Discounts:

            1st swimmer (highest fee): Full fee

            2nd swimmer: 10% discount

            3rd swimmer 20% discount

            4th swimmer 30% discount

            5th swimmer free

Family discounts are only available when you are paying for all swimmers with the same payment option (annual or monthly).  Adult, Swim School, and Masters programs are not included in the family discount.

*** Families who have been with the previous ORCA or MCA team for 5 years or more will be grandfathered in at the old discount table rate for this year.  You will see the 'grandfathered' amount as a credit to your account after four consecutive, timely payments. Please contact with any questions about the family discount grandfathered discount.


Welcome and please fill out the Minnesota swimming transfer form. If you have already registered with USA for the 2017-2018 swim year you will only need to pay the $5 transfer and RSC team fee.  Special note for this season-All former MCA Swimmers participating with the Rochester Swim Club will need to fill out this form and return it to the RSC office.  DO NOT SEND THIS FORM IN YOURSELF- we will take care of it once it is turned in.  These forms must be turned in a minimum of 3 weeks before the athlete’s first day of competition.



The competition fees required for each meet your swimmer is entered in must be paid as billed. You will be billed for all meet sessions that you register unless you remove your swimmer from the meet by the posted deadline. If you sign up for a meet and do not attend you forfeit those charges as fees are paid by RSC in advance.

Coaches enter swimmers into relays based on who is scheduled to attend a meet. If your swimmer is entered in a meet, the coach expects them to be there. Each swimmer entered in a relay will be billed accordingly. A swimmer whose absence from an event which causes a relay to be scratched will be billed for the entire relay, regardless of the absence.

For each meet a swimmer signs up to attend, a $3.00 fee for team hosted meets and a $13.00 fee for non-hosted meets outside of Rochester is required to cover RSC administrative and club costs at each meet. These fees are charged to the swimmers account in addition to the host team’s individual event charge fee, relay fees, and any surcharges per athlete. Because meet fees must be paid by RSC in advance, these fees will not be reversed if a swimmer fails to attend a meet for which she is signed up to attend regardless of reason. We understand special circumstances may arise and those will be handled on an individual level by emailing



If your swimmer qualifies for the State Swim meets your swimmer is required to attend. High level meets, Speedo meets, and national meets will incur the following charges added due to coach travel expenses and administrative expense. If qualified, swimmers are required to attend the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MEET in order to remain on the team. Swimmers will be added to these meets automatically. Parents are to contact the swimmer’s coach if there is a conflict with these meets. The coach and CEO must be notified to excuse a swimmer from participation in these most important team competitions.

Approximate high-level meet charges. (subject to change)

Speedo Meets: $100 fee

High Level Meets In State: $20.00 fee (any time-standard qualified meet in state)

High Level Meets Out of State: $100 fee (any time-standard qualified meet out-of-state)

USA and/or National Meets: $150 fee – (If needed, please speak to Senior coaches about LSC Reimbursement opportunities)

*Zone meets would not have fees  from RSC as that is part of Team Minnesota.




15 & Older, 13-14, 11-12 year old TRAINING SCHEDULES

The fees for our highest competition swimmers are not established solely on the months swum or practices offered, yet, swimmers in these groups may have additional or fewer practices based on the discretion of the coaches. Swimmers in these groups may have more or fewer practices offered as determined by coach to allow for preparation and/or recovery for our highest-level swimmers.  Attendance policies are set by individual coaches and are dependent upon the level of commitment required for each group. 



As of July 19, 2017, there will be make-up practices when possible with coaching staff available to swimmers in the event a swimmer has a schedule conflict or a practice cancelled due to weather or facility.  These make-up practices are not level specific but available to team swimmers and staffed with a coach to allow for occasional scheduling conflicts. There will be no refunds for organizational decided cancelled practices which occur infrequently.


Swimmers are to have all required equipment for their swim group as well as googles and a training suit that fits as determined by coaches and listed on the website.  Swimmers competing in USA-S meets must have team suit or all black suit and a team cap unless the coach deems otherwise. All team wear orders must be paid for in advance of receipt. Equipment can be ordered or purchased directly through one of our suppliers in most cases. Please see our website for equipment suppliers.


Volunteerism is essential to the sport of swimming. To reach higher levels of competition, a swimmer is required to participate in swim meets in other to test his or her skills and strategies. These team hosted meets require many volunteers to function. At RSC we are fortunate to have a beautiful facility to host convenient and cost effective home pool meets. Competing in our home pool saves our families significant expenses associated with travel and generates revenue for our club to support coaching staff and administration.

The meets RSC swimmers enjoy and need for improving their swim skills would not happen without the involvement of our parent volunteers. Together volunteers run meets by signing up for job slots listed on the website. Some of these jobs include: timing, officiating, computer operator, Colorado operator, hospitality, concessions, team travel preparation, awards, set-up and clean-up.

Since RSC’s volunteer jobs benefit all families, it is required that all families share in the fulfillment of these listed duties. RSC requires all families to contribute 40 hours per year (September-August) to meet the volunteer requirement which ensures all jobs will get done while also ensuring the equal distribution of work among all family members. If you register after December 31, the amount remains 40 hours. ALL UN-FULFILLED VOLUNTEER HOURS WILL BE CHARGED $25.00 per hour to your account on July 31st of each year, unless we host a state meet and then the date will be changed to reflect the additional meet.

Volunteer sign-up is convenient and simple. It can be found under the meet section of our website.



Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in the RSC program if their financial obligations to the Club are more than 30 days delinquent, unless alternate arrangements have been made with the team billing coordinator.

RSC does not pro-rate monthly dues. If a swimmer is registered and/or participates during the first 15 days of the month, the full monthly dues installment is required.