Athlete Protection


Protecting our young athletes is all of our responsibility, as coaches, volunteers and parents.  In order to create a positive experience and a safe environment for our athletes, USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct provides specific, mandatory policies that must be followed at all levels of the organization.  These general guidelines can be found in our Best Practices Policy.
In September 2012 the USA Swimming House of Delegates approved legislation broadening and strengthening USA Swimming’s Safe Sports Program (previously known as the Athlete Protection Program).  Two of these pieces of legislation, Articles 305.6 (Anti-Bullying Policy) and 305.3.7 (Electronic Communication Policy) require the Mantas Swim Club to implement an action plan to address bullying and a policy to guide electronic communication between adults and athletes.  
If you know of, or see, a violation of our policies or have a concern or question please follow the guidelines laid out in our Reporting and Grievances Policy.  Please feel free to contact any Board member with an immediate concern that you feel cannot wait.