Practice Equipment

All of the equipment listed below, and any other equipment not listed that your swimmer needs is available through the club at reduced prices from Elsmore Aquatic.  NSAC currently carries a contract with TYR and has a relationship with Elsmore Aquatic to obtain just about anything our swimmers need.  If you need an order to be placed, please contact Elsmore Aquatic at 952-997-6255.  You can also order online following this link to our Exclusive Elsmore Team Page.  All purchases made through this link at Elsmore will earn the team 5%!

Swimmers are asked to bring their own equipment to each practice, including their own practice suit, water bottle, towel, cap and goggles.

Below is the recommended equipment for each group:

Bronze Team: TYR Crossblade training fin

Silver Team: TYR Crossblade training fin

Gold Team: TYR Crossblade training fin

Junior Team: TYR Crossblade training fin, TYR catalyst paddles, pull-buoy, Finis Center Mount Snorkel

Senior Team: TYR Crossblade training fin, TYR catalyst paddle, pull-buoy, Finis Center Mount Snorkel, mesh drag suit, tennis shoes

National Team: TYR Crossblade training fin, TYR catalyst paddle, pull-buoy, Finis Center Mount Snorkel, mesh drag suit, tennis shoes

WE VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOUR NAME BE PLACED ON ALL ITEMS. If items become a part of the “lost and found” they can be very difficult to retrieve. Many items look the same - names on all items is a necessity. It is recommended to purchase a mesh bag, these are the best way to keep everything in one location.


Team Competition Suit

Our team suit is selected by the coaching staff for perfomance at swim competition and to reflect a team appearance.  When purchasing a competition suit, please keep in mind that they are designed to fit snugly.  Do not buy suits that swimmers will "grow into".  Team suits can be purchased online at Elsmore Aquatic.  The team suit we currently have is a TYR polyester with team logo.  

Championship Suits

Swimmers competing at the higher levels of the sport, such as the State Meet or any other Championship competition often purchase championship suits.  These suits are specifically designed and tailored to create the fastest possible suit for competition.  The TYR Tracer or TYR Fusion are the best suits to recommend for Championship suits.  Contact Elsmore to order.

TYR is our Sponsor!

Please buy TYR suits, goggles, etc.  If you are buying other items you are not supporting our team.  TYR is very generous with NSAC.  As an organization, TYR gives us prizes for our Banquet, outfits our National swimmers, large discounts on technical suits for State swimmers, discounts on all suits and products, outfits our coaching staff.  TYR supports us in many ways.  Showing your appreciation is simple.  Buy TYR products.