Novice - Fundamentals & Advanced

Typical Ages: 6 + 


We know that aspiring young swimmers may join the sport at any age.  We will do everything possible to

place your child with other swimmers of the same age.


Description of our Novice Groups (Fundamentals & Advanced)


Fundamentals: Swimmers in the Fundamentals Novice group will learn all four competitive swimming

strokes through fun drills and games, they will begin to learn flip turns, and learn how to dive in a safe &

progressive method.


Advanced: Swimmers in the Advanced Novice group will continue to learn and improve all four of the

competitive strokes while working on their stamina and strength in the water.  They will continue to learn

starts and turns.  This group is meant to help get them ready for Age Group 1.


Pre-Requisite Skills for Novice (Fundamentals & Advanced): 


Fundamentals: Ability to complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.  General knowledge of butterfly and breaststroke kicks (swimmers do not have to be able to legally swim butterfly/breaststroke to join the Novice group), comfort in all water depths, and being away from parents/guardians.


Advanced: Ability to complete 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke using rhythmic breathing/ ability to breathe laterally.  General understanding of the breaststroke and butterfly.  


Practice Attendance: 2 to 3 x 60-minute practices per week.


Practice attendance in our Novice groups is not mandatory.  We will always offer at least two-practices per week, but we understand that scheduling conflicts occur and we are flexible if you need a make-up practice on a different evening.


Always refer to the NOVICE PRACTICE CALENDAR for up to date practice times 


Basic Practice Schedule


    •    Fundamentals A swims Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 6 - 7 PM

    •    Advanced A swims Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 7 - 8 PM


    •    Fundamentals B swims Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 6 - 7 PM

    •    Advanced B swims Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 7 - 8 PM


Please always refer to the  NOVICE PRACTICE CALENDAR for up to date practice times and planned cancelations.


Advancement into next group: 


As always, all move-ups are under coach’s discretion.  Swimmers/Parents will be given formal progress reports at the end of each 10-week session; advancement recommendations will be made at this time.


* Please note that as a general rule we will never move a swimmer into AG1 between the Fall & Winter sessions.


Fundamentals to Advanced:


For a swimmer to move-up from Novice Fundamentals to Novice Advanced the swimmer should have the ability to complete 50 yards of freestyle using rhythmic breathing (ability to breathe laterally) and 50 yards of backstroke.  General understanding of the breaststroke and butterfly with legal breast/dolphin kick.  Ability to dive into the water from the edge of the pool. 


Advanced to Age Group 1: 


For a swimmer to move-up from Novice Advanced to Age Group 1 they must be able to complete at least 100 yards of freestyle and backstroke using flip turns and streamlines as well as 25 yards of legal butterfly and breastroke with the ability to perform a legal open turn.  Swimmers must be able to stay focused and engaged for the full 60 minutes before advancement into AG1 and 90 minute practices.  Novice Advanced swimmers and their families must show participation in offered swim meets before advancement to AG1.  Final advancement is at the discretion of the Novice and AG1 coach.  



Equipment: All necessary training equipment can be found and borrowed at practice.  We would like all of our swimmers to have their own pair of swim goggles as well as tight fitting, fitness oriented swimming suits.  Team practice suits and goggles can be purchased through Elsmore Aquatics on Piranhas Swim Club's team store.


Meet Attendance: 


Fundamentals: None - we DO NOT expect our Novice Fundamentals swimmers to compete. Fundamentals swimmers are learning to swim all four competitive strokes. 


Advanced: Novice Advanced swimmers will not have mandatory meet requirements, but meet attendance is a requirement before advancement to Age Group 1.


There are always at least two available meets for our Novice swimmers to attend during each 10-week session, please discuss meet participation with the Novice coaches.  Remember, we are in no rush to drop them into competition.  We want all of our Novice swimmers to feel comfortable with the sport of swimming before they compete.


2020/2021 Eligible Meets for Novice Swimmers 




10-week Novice Sessions


We offer three 10-week sessions per year in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  We will always post well in advance the dates of each session.  


2020 Fall 10-week Novice Session: September 14 - November 20, 2020


2021 Winter 10-week Novice Session: January 5 - March 12, 2021 (tentative)


2021 Spring 10-week Novice Session: TBD



Novice Coaches


Our coaches are here to help and answer any questions that may come up, never hesitate to reach out to your Novice Coach.


Kathryn Berg - A Groups - [email protected]

Maureen Mook - B Groups - [email protected]



Please always let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We want your swimming experience to be positive for the entire family!