Age Group Prep


Typical Age: 9+

Pre-Requisite Skills: 

Swimmers will either be placed into the prep group after evaluations or transition into this group from Novice Advanced.  Swimmers must be able to complete a 50 yard freestyle and 50 yard backstroke with a flip turn.  Swimmers must also be able to execute the breaststroke and dolphin kick.

Practice Attendance: 2-3, 60 minute practices per week.  (please always refer to the practice calendar)

- AG prep swimmers should try to attend a minimum of two practices per week as each week will have a different focus that correlates to the following weeks skill.

AG Prep Practice Calendar

Practice Skills:

We will place a heavy emphasis on stroke technique through repetition of certain skills within every stroke. We will emphasize kicking on a daily basis along with endurance work to help the swimmers get stronger in the water.  Every week we will focus on a skill like starts, turns, streamlines, and dolphin kicking to name a few.

Meet Attendance:

Although meet attendance is not mandatory we will take meet attendance into account when considering move-ups to AG1.  We offer at least one meet per month for every swimmer on our team to attend.  We want to see these swimmers participating in swim meets not only to compete, but to feel like they are part of the team.

Meet Events:

50 of each stroke. Coaches will decide which events are best for AG prep swimmers.

Advancement to AG1:

Ability to swim 100 yards freestyle and 100 yards backstroke with flip turns at each wall. The swimmer must also be able to execute 25 yards of butterfly and breaststroke. The swimmer must be comfortable diving into the water head first.  Swimmers must also be able to stay focused for the full 60 minutes.


AG prep swimmers are required to purchase their own snorkel, kick board, fins, and a mesh bag.  A list of recommended equipment with links is listed below.

  • TYR Crossblade Fin 2.0
  • TYR Ultralite Snorkel
  • TYR Classic Kickboard or Youth Classic Kickboard

This equipment along with team t-shirts, suits, and warm-ups can be purchased through our Elsmore Team Store.