COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for practice

 Piranhas Swim Club COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Updated March 11, 2021

* Please note that the following guidelines will be modified as needed through the direction of MDH and the governor's office.

Guidelines & Protocols for Safe Swim Practice

All members of the Piranhas Swim Club will be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging the following guidelines and protocols for safe swim practice at Richfield Middle School pool. 

Pre-Practice Guidelines/Protocols

-  No athletes should come to practice if they are feeling any of the Covid-19 symptoms, if anyone in their household is experiencing symptoms, or if anyone in the household has knowingly come into contact with someone who has symptoms. See symptoms.

-   Families and/or athlete must conduct a self-screening before coming to practice.  If the athlete answers "YES" to any of the self-screening questions, we ask that you do not attend practice and contact your health care provider.  SELF-SCREENING QUESTIONS

-  Athletes should wash their hands before heading to the pool.

- Parents will be asked to drop their athletes off at the sidewalk leading into the RMS Pool or, for athletes of driving age, park in the lot trying to allow a one spot separation between vehicles.

-  Athletes must be dropped off one car at a time, leaving a minimum of a ten-foot gap between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead. 

-  Athletes will enter/exit the building through the RMS lobby doors or pre-described doors dependent on facility.

-  Athletes will exit the pool through the hallway leading to the lobby.  We will stagger our exit in order to maintain six feet of separation.          

- Athletes will be permitted to enter the building ten minutes before the beginning of the scheduled practice time. If athletes arrive early, they must remain in their vehicles until ten minutes prior to practice.

- A Piranhas coach or parent volunteer will take each person’s temperature before they enter RMS by use of a thermal reading.  A reading of 100.4 F or greater is considered a fever. If an athlete has a fever they will be sent home and not allowed into the building.

-  Athletes must wear a mask as they enter/exit the building and until they jump into the water.

-  Athletes must come prepared to swim in their swimming suits.  Use of the facility locker rooms will only be allowed after practice.  Athletes will be alotted five minutes to change out of their suit.  Showers after practice are prohibited.

- Once inside the pool area there will be chairs set-up six+ feet apart.  Athletes must keep their belongings at their chair.  

During Practice Guidelines/Protocols

- There will be no more than the maximum number of people allowed in a group setting (set by the MN Department of Health) in Richfield Middle School Pool at any one time or the agreed upon capacity by Richfield Public Schools. For example, if group sizes are to not exceed 24 persons there will be 22 athletes in the pool, 2-3 athletes per lane at six feet apart.

- Athletes will be assigned lanes as they enter the pool area and will be directed to their lanes individually in order to maintain social distance of six feet.  

​​​​- See updated diagrams (attached) for what lanes will look like for group sizes of 8, 16, and 24 athletes in the pool

-  Any coaches or adults in the RMS Pool area must wear a mask.

- If athletes need to use the restroom during practice they will be allowed into the locker room. 

* After each practice, a custodial staff member will be cleaning the spaces

- Athletes must bring their own, prefilled water bottles.  Use of the water fountains will be prohibited.

- Athletes will not be permitted to use the equipment at the facility (i.e. kickboards, fins, or pull buoys). Athletes must bring their own personal equipment.

- Parents will not be permitted into Richfield Middle School.  If a parent would like to observe practice they could sit outside near the emergency exit/perimeter pool doors.

Post Practice Guidelines/Protocols

- Upon completion of practice, athletes will exit the pool one at a time, gather their belongings, and exit independently through the lobby doors.

- Deck-changing on the pool deck (chaning out of the swim suit) will be prohibited; athletes may wrap themselves in a towel, put clothes on over their suit, or change in the locker room.

- There will be no extra social time after practice.  Athletes must exit the building and return to their vehicles.  Social congregation is prohibited.

- Once all athletes have exited, a Richfield custodial staff member will disinfect all areas that our athletes have come in contact with.

Other Considerations addressing Covid-19

-  If any athlete, coach, or member of our club is feeling any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 they should remain at home and seek medical treatment. Furthermore, if any athlete or staff member has a fever or symptoms of Covid-19, they may not attend a practice until 7 days after the fever or symptom has ceased or if they receive a negative COVID test.

-  If an athlete, coach, or a household member of an athlete or coach, has been diagnosed the athlete or coach must quarantine for 7 days and receive a negative test after day 5.  Otherwise, a 10-day quarantine period is required without a test..

- Piranhas encourages all athletes to have regular COVID tests in order to maintain safety for all members.


Should an athlete test positive the following measures will take place:

1. The individual or individual’s family will be required to inform staff (Head Coach, Lucas Baarlaer, and Club President, Jamie Moreen) immediately.

2. The individual or individuals swimming on either side of that athlete will be expected to self quarantine for 7 days.

3. The Piranhas will inform the facility management.

-        We will repeatedly communicate to our members that they should not practice with our club if they, or anyone in their household,exhibit any of the symptoms including mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough & difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC, or if they have come in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days or if they are vulnerable individual.