Practice Schedule Info


The Piranhas Swim Club utilizes Google calendars to view and post practice schedules for all of the training groups.  Please head to our CALENDAR to find up to date practice schedules.  A very basic schedule that we use season to season can be found below.


Basic Practice Schedule

Novice Fundamentals A 6 - 7 PM Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Novice Advanced A 7 - 8 PM Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Novice Fundamentals B 6 - 7 PM Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
Novice Advanced B 7 - 8 PM Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
Age Group 1-A 6 - 7:30 PM Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Age Group 1-B 6 - 7:30 PM Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
Age Group 2 6 - 7:30 PM Monday - Friday
Junior 6 - 8 PM Monday - Friday

6 - 8 PM Monday - Friday & Saturdays (times vary)

A few more notes about practice schedule -

  • During the Fall, Winter, and Spring we share the pool with the Richfield HS Swimming Team.  There will be some practices that we need to either relocate to a different pool or cancel practice.  We will always do our best to relocate, but our backup pools (Phillips, Bloomington-Olson, & Southwest HS) are not always available in which case we need to cancel.
  • When we do need to cancel practice (generally on a Tuesday or Thursday), we will make sure that the affected groups will have an opportunity to make up that practice.  We will always try to offer the minimum amount of recommended practices for each given week.
    • ​​​For example, if Novice C & D are canceled on a Thursday night due to a HS meet at RMS, we will only offer a Novice C & D practice that Friday.  This way all Novice groups will have two practices offered that week!


Last minute practice cancelations

Keep in mind that sometimes inclement weather will result in a last minute practice cancelation.  In this scenario we will send emails and text messages in order to get the word out effectively.  Please follow the steps below to verify your cell phone number in our system -

How to add your cell phone for text messages in case of last minute practice cancelations:

  1. Sign In to your account.
  2. In the side menu click My Account > My Account.
    My Account > My Account menu in SwimOffice
  3. To add an SMS number for one of the athletes in the account, click the Members tab and then click their name; otherwise stay on the current screen.
  4. Fill in the cell number in the SMS field.
  5. Pick the cell Carrier for that phone from the drop down menu.
    Enter SMS number and carrier
  6. Click Save in the upper right and it will send that number a verification text.
  7. Check your cell phone for a "Verify your SMS" text from notifications+alias, where alias is your team's alias, and open it. Note that some cell carriers can take awhile to deliver the message.
    SMS verification text
  8. Tap the link and you should see one of two possible messages.
    • "Success! We have validated your primary SMS." (or "secondary SMS" if that's what you were verifying)
    • "Sorry, your primary SMS has already been validated." Sometimes just opening the text will verify the number, resulting in this message.
    In either case the SMS number is verified and ready to receive texts from the team.
  9. If tapping the link doesn't work, note the four digit code number in the text message.
  10. If you get the message "Sorry, the code XXXX did not match any codes," continue.
  11. Back in your team's SwimOffice website, click the Unverified button above the SMS number.
    Enter SMS verification code
  12. If you got the error in step 10 on your mobile device, click Resend Verification and go back to step 7.
  13. Enter the four digit code from your text message in the Verification Code field and click Verify.
  14. You will see Verified in green above the SMS number. You may need to refresh the screen to see this.
    Verified SMS number