Team Apparel & Gear

Team Apparel & Gear

Welcome to our team apparel page.  The SCSC coaches will recommend which type of swimsuit swimmers should wear for each meet.  Our coaches are in the best position to consider the meet type, competition level, season readiness and pool quality to make this recommendation. 

Swimmers not adhering to the coach recommendation may be asked to change into the appropriate swimsuit in order to stay and compete in the swim meet.  Please prepare your athlete with the following team apparel:

Speedo is the official team sponsor.

Team Swimsuits 

We are require all swimmers in all training groups to purchase a team swim suit to wear to swim meets.  We have selected a patterned style and a solid black style.  We hope to boost energy and improve results with a unified look.  We are excited to offer the styles for both genders.  They can be ordered through the Elsmore link below.  If you have sizing questions, please contact Elsmore directly.   

Team Spirit Shirts

New this year, we are requiring all swimmers to purchase a 3-pack of team t-shirts.  Each swimmer will receive 1 black, 1 royal blue and 1 grey t-shirt with the team logo to wear at all swim meets.  Families will be billed $18 per active swimmer for this t-shirt pack.  Additional t-shirt packs will be available to the family members after all of the swimmers have received their orders.                     

Recommended Swim Gear

Go to Elsmore Aquatic to place an online order.

        Silver Rays:        fins
        All other groups:  fins, pull-buoy, paddles, snorkel, mesh bag, kick board (optional)

Team Warm-Up Apparel

Warm-ups can be ordered any time through Elsmore Aquatic.  Please place your warm-up order online, as Elsmore donates a percentage of online purchases back to our team.  However, we recommend you follow up your online purchase with a phone call to Elsmore to confirm your order.

Personalized Team Swim Caps

Coach MaryBeth will collect order forms and money for team swim caps at the beginning of each season, and at other times throughout the year.  Families will be notified through e-mail when the next order will be placed for swim caps.  

Spirit wear is now available when you want it!

SCSC Member, Laura Blinkman, owns Swag and Sass.  We are excited to announce that she is able to provide spirit wear when you want it!  Check out the current offerings and order tee shirts and hoodies to name a few items.  Laura has great items with BLING too!  Just click on the link below and search for St. Croix Swim Club under the "Go Shopping" tab: