Championship Season

Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Below is a lot of information regarding our Championship Season.  Please read through it and let me know if you have questions.


Section Meet:  

YMCA Swim Team members must swim a minimum of 3 qualifying meets to be eligible to swim in our Section Meet.  (Virtual, Invite or home & away meets) They can swim more but need at least 3.  If 3 are not swam, the swimmer is not eligible to participate in this meet.

Section meet will be held February 2, 2019.  We do not have meet information yet, but plan on an early morning and a FULL day of swimming.  Last year was a 10 hour day.      


State Meet:  

The top 3 finishers in each event at Sections, automatically go to the STATE Meet.  If a relay goes, a swimmer may only be eligible to swim in that relay and not any individual events depending how they finish in their individual events.  

Results from all of the Section Meets will be determined after February 24.  There are 4 "At Large" spots available in each event.  The swimmers for these "At Large" spots will be determined by the State Chair and will be communicated to you via your coach as soon as we receive the information.

A final list of qualifiers for the State Meet and any alternates will be sent out .    



Regional season begins February 25 through March 15, 2019.  This is a separate season with separate fees.  Registration can be done on-line or at the Member Services desk on paper.   

Regional practice fee:  $ 100.00

Regional practice and meet fee:  $150.00.  


Regional Qualifiers:  

This meet is based on times.  You must achieve a regional time in an event anytime during the season to be eligible to go to this meet.  Meaning:  IF you swim this weekend and achieve a regional time, you are eligible to go the regional meet in that event.  If you swim another meet and achieves 3 more regional times, you are eligible to swim all 4 events at the regional meet.   Maximum number of events you can swim at Regions is seven.  

Regional practice and meet fee:  $150.00.  


Non Regional Swimmer:

Non Regional qualifiers are able to stay in the water and practice for an additional 3 weeks.  There is a separate fee for this practice of $100.00.  You must register for this non-regional season.  Registration can be done on-line or at the Member Services desk.

Regional practice fee:  $ 100.00

**Practice Schedules will be changing for all swimmers that will continue to swim this season for the three weeks.  As soon as schedules are set, I will let you know.**


Regional Meet Information:  March 16 - 17 2019

The Regional Meet will be held at the Wellmark YMCA in DesMoines, Iowa. I have attached a copy of the Iowa Regional Qualifying Times in the order the events will be swum.  Please note that the event order is different from what we normally swim.  This reasoning is for those swimmers that specialize in 1 stroke so they don't swim all their events in 1 day.  Gives the swimmer rest and the best opportunity to get the best time.  .  

A hotel block is being currently worked on.  I do not have the information as of yet.  As soon as I receive it, I will send it out.  Typically, most families will travel down on Friday night and stay both Friday and Saturday nights.  Saturday morning (last year) the 10 and unders meet started by 8am.  11 and overs (last year) started about 11am.   Last year, Saturday evening, after dinner the team gathered in the lobby for team bonding (games, snacks, etc.) and adult socializing.  Early to bed for everyone!