The YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities Swim Team charges each swimmer a flat registration fee for the season.  This fee will include our championship season in January & February.     


Full Season - September 23 - February 23

Fall Season - September 23 - December 1

Winter Season - December 2 - February 23




Full Season: $400.00


Age Group 1

Full season:  $455.00 

Fall OR Winter (HS swimmers only):  $340.00


Age Group 2 & Senior 1 & 2: 

Full season:  $500.00

Fall OR Winter (HS swimmers only):  $375.00  


FULL Season = You will be swimming Fall and Winter Seasons.  If you are swimming HS, you can come to any practice/event that does not interfere with your HS sport. 

HALF Season = This option is only available to our High School Swimmers ONLY.  (7th grade and above)  


YMCA Membership

Because the swim team is a YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities program, each Swim Team member must also be a member of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities. The membership fee varies depending upon whether you have a youth or family membership. Arrangements for becoming a YMCA member should be made at the Membership Desk at your YMCA.

YMCA Facility Entry Requirements

All swimmers under the age of 10 must be accompanied to practice by a parent or an adult guardian. This person must stay in the facility with their swimmer during practice.