Upcoming Clinics
The MNSI Officials' Committee is excited to announce two upcoming clinics in the month of September for new officials and officials looking for a refresher on the expectations for their position as we move into the new season. In October and November, the Officials' Committee plans to hold clinics for stroke and turn officials, starters, and deck referees. Beginning for the 2021-22 short course season, clinics are a required component of training for new and advancing officials.
  • Stroke and Turn 101 - Wednesday, September 22 (7 PM) - Sign up HERELed by Rebecca Binder (MYWO) and Jack Swanson (RSC).
  • Admin Official/Referee 101 Thursday, September 23rd (7 PM) - Sign up HERELed by Tracy Meece (ALEX) and Nicole Roberts (FOXJ).
  • The Officials' Committee will communicate with membership periodically about upcoming clinics. An up to date schedule will also be available on the Minnesota Swimming Officials' homepage.



Top 5 Reasons to Become a Swim Official!

Much like football, basketball, softball, and many other sports need officials, swimming also needs officials to run a sanctioned meet in which the times from the competition for each swimmer counts. Velocity also hosts 2 to 3 home swim meets each calendar year and it’s easier to fill the officiating pool when we have our own parents be those officials.


  1. As a swim official, you get to learn more about the sport your kid loves so much and dedicates their time and energy to.
  2. You get a front row seat to the action. And last year when pools were closed to spectators, limited volunteers and officials were still needed, which allowed for officials to see their kid swim in person. 
  3. Sanctioned swim meets NEED certified officials to make times count for each swimmer. They function to provide a fair, safe and fun competition platform for all participants.
  4. The officials community is extremely supportive of each other and of the athletes.
  5. You get a break from sitting in the hot pool bleachers!


There is a virtual Stroke and Turn 101 Clinic on 9/22 at 7pm. Go to MN Swimming>Officials Tab and scroll to the Virtual Clinics section to sign up.


Questions? Feel free to reach out to Sarah Gierke ([email protected]), Jenny Knutson, or Charlie Mann for more information or to learn more about how we all got started and our why’s.

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