Welcome families! Thank you for your interest in Stingrays.

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Q: How many different groups does Willmar Aquatic Racing Stingrays (WARS) have and what is the difference between them?


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Q: How often do you practice and where?


Q: Are practices required?

None of our practices are required, although attendance at the recommended levels is strongly encouraged, The more time a swimmer spends in the pool, the quicker they will learn the skills they need to advance to the next program.

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Q: How much does it cost?

Please refer to the Handbook section of the website for the current fee structure. 

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Minnesota Swimming, Inc. (MSI) Registration

All Swimmers must be registered with MSI before entering the water, No Exceptions. We obtain our liability insurance through MSI, therefore every swimmer is required to register. This program is secondary to other primary insurance in place through the athlete's employment, school, and parents or family.

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