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Meet Cheat Sheet

Meet Cheat Sheet

We do not require attendance at swim meets but they are highly recommended to gain experience and gauge progress throughout the season. If you want to swim in the larger meets such as Sections, State, and Regions you must attend three regular season meets.

Our meets this season are on the calendar.


You will be reminded to sign up for events. You can register online through your team unify account or we have paper copies in the swim team mailbox. Please fill it out and bring to Danielle in the office. 

You can expect to be at a meet the majority of the day. For the most part they are long! Things you should bring are food, water, extra goggles, blankets, clothes to keep warm, etc. At most Y's children will have a crash area in which they can hang out in between events.

If you are unsure of what events to sign your child up for please ask a coach or simply put coach's choice on the entry. There is a notes section that you can write special information is such as can only swim in the first relay.

A swimmer can swim up to 5 events at a meet three individual and two relays. A relay is a team swim of four people. There are medley relays in which the order is backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle as well as all freestyle relays. These are created by age group and occasionally swimmers will swim up into the next age group. We try our best to fit everyone who would like to compete in relays into relays.

Our home meets require volunteers. You can sign up online through your Team Unify account. We cannot run our home meets without volunteers. If you have questions please ask and we can guide you.