Practice Equipment needed for all Levels:___________________________________________

  • Water Equipment (required):
    • Several practice suits
    • Goggles
    • Swim cap (if you wear one)
    • Pull buoy
    • Short blade fins
    • Towels
  • Water Equipment (optional):
    • Kickboard
    • Mesh bag (recommended to prevent mold)
    • Sweatshirts
    • Team bags
  • Dry Land Equipment:______________________________________________________
    • Running shoes
    • Shorts and t-shirt
    • Yoga mat if desired

Gold, Jr. Elite and Senior Groups:___________________________________________________

  • All above equipment
  • Snorkel

Senior Elite:____________________________________________________________________

  • All above equipment
  • Light pair of gym shoes for use in the pool

Swim Meets and Competitions (required for all swimmers):____________________________

  • Current Riptide team suit
  •  Riptide team shirt
  • Riptide team cap (if you wear one)
  • Choice of approved goggles

All swimmer’s equipment may be purchased at Elsmore Swim Shop located next to the Blue Water Aquatic Center.  For additional information, look on our website @ and click on “TEAM GEAR”.