Entering a Meet

This Swim Meet Guide will provide valuable advice on entering and attending USA Swimming meets.


How to enter a swim meet with Swim Connection

  1. Go to "Events" on the MP website
  2. Find the meet you are signing up for
  3. Click on the link for the meet entry.  This will take you to SwimConnection
  4. Click on “Online Meet Entry”. You don’t need to be a registered swim connection user to enter, although it makes future meet sign-ups easier.
  5. If you have not yet registered with SwimConnection, select “I am not a registered SwimConnection user”
  6. Enter the requested information: name, email, etc.
  7. Click “Enter swimmer”
  8. Select “Pacific Swimming” or  “PC”  for Swimming Association
  9. Click on “enter all info manually”
  10. Fill out requested fields,
    1. If you don't have a USA Number yet select “PENDING”. Be sure to bring your USA Card to the meet. 
    2. Our team code is MP
  11. For most C/B/A+ meets you may enter “NT” (no time), use a best time from Marin Swim League, or make a best guess for each event you desire to register for. 3 events per day is a good number.  You may ask the coaches advice on which events to select.  Some meets have strict qualifying times and require proof of time.  These will be noted in the meet information on the website.  You can also find out this information on the meet sheet.
  12. Then save your entries and make payment.

Once your swimmer swims an event in a USA sanctioned meet, the best times will be saved in the data base.  Then  each time you enter a meet using SwimConnection select “Get Best Times”,  for each event and it will fill out automatically. On meet day, remember to bring your confirmation, it is your proof of entry, and it will also help you keep track of the events your swimmer will swim.