General Information


To sign-up please follow this link:  Registration

All weekday practices take place at College of Marin’s Kentfield pool.
Saturday morning practices (see schedule below) are held at College of Marin’s Indian Valley Campus pool in Novato.
Saturday Practices at IVC, Novato:
First Mates   10-11 AM
Buccaneers  10-11:30 AM
Captains      10 AM–12 PM
Click here for October Saturday practice schedule.
Always double-check the practices by logging onto the MP website and clicking the “Calendar” tab.
Every swimmer is encouraged (but not required) to participate in at least one of the available team effort meets. We will also have additional in-house Time Trials at the Kentfield pool (dates TBA). We would love to see your swimmer at as many meets as possible!  Competing at meets is the best way for your swimmer to improve their racing skills and gain confidence, as well as for our coaches to help them improve their technique. The Swim Meet Guide will help you and your swimmer navigate the meet process from beginning to end.  All meets listed will be coach attended.
If you need help with registering your swimmer for a meet, please feel free to contact Warren Lager at  He will be happy to guide you through the process.
Meet Schedule TBA (approximately 1 meet per month)
We are required to fill timing shifts at the meets we attend. This is an easy job that requires no previous experience.  It helps to select your shift as soon as possible so you can coordinate it with your swimmer’s events.  You may also want to bring a spouse or friend to the meet who can help your swimmer get to his or her events during your shift.
To sign up for a timing shift for a meet your swimmer is attending:
1.       Log onto your account on the Marin Pirate website
2.       Under “Events” select the meet you are attending
3.       Click on “Job Sign-Ups”
4.       Click on the box next to the timing slot you choose
Kentfield Pirates are required to own fins.  You can purchase fins at the Pirate Gear Store on We recommend the Aqua Sphere Alpha Swim Fins for sizes 6 and up and the Finis Floating Swim Fins for smaller sizes. We will be selling goggles ($10; retail $18) silicone swim caps ($13) and mesh equipment bags ($10; retail $16).
For swim meets we ask that swimmers wear either a Marin Pirate swimsuit or a black Speedo swimsuit (although this is not required).  Speedo is our team sponsor.  They provide our team with over $5,000 of equipment each year. Please also wear a Marin Pirate swim cap (free on the first day of practice). 
It is very nice to have Pirate sweats and/or a Pirate parka at meets and after practices to keep warm! Marin Pirates team apparel may be ordered directly on-line
Please remember to log onto your account on the Marin Pirate website and check to make sure your e-mail addresses are correct.  There is a box next to each e-mail address you have entered.  Please click on that to confirm.  This will also ensure that you receive all of the Marin Pirate newsletters.  If you have not received a log-in password, please contact Warren at
Parents may drop their swimmers off at the circle in front of the PE complex, however they may not park there. 
Free parking is available in lot 13 (the dirt parking lot just past the tennis courts).
The paved lot closest to the pool (lot 12) has a $4 fee until 5 PM.
Free parking in Lot 6 (at the end of the road, near the ball fields and corporation yard)
Please do not drive across the creek bridge to drop your swimmers off
Non-lot 6 parking: $5.00
Our team often has to meet requirements on the number of officials that we bring to a meet.  We are always on the edge of having sufficient credentialed officials.  Any parents who are interested in becoming officials or who are current officials who wish to renew and/or learn another job (starter, referee, etc.) please contact Warren at
If you have any friends who you think may have swimmers interested in participating this session, please encourage them to come to a practice to try it out.  They can also contact Warren Lager for more information.  He may be reached at 415-898-0249 or at
We are looking forward to a great season!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.