Our 2019 Swim-a-Thon Supporters
Program Fees/Groups

Program Fees and Commitments: 

USA Swimming Registration Fee of $74:  This fee goes to USA Swimming and the Metropolitan Conference.  It gives athletes membership in both organizations and provides for Insurance for swimmers at practices, meets and approved team functions.  Parents can also become "Non - Athlete" members of USA Swimming for the same fee.

Metropolitan Swimming Transfer Fee of $5:  This Fee applies only if you were a member of a different USA Swim Team and are now switching to our team.  Your previous team is no longer required to sign the form. Return the form to us; along with $5 in cash or a check made out to M-W Devilfish Aquatics.  We will process it with the Metro Office to complete the transfer.  Metropolitan Swimming Application for Transfer (click to get form)

Meet Fees:  These fees may vary from meet to meet but are typically a minimum of $5 per race and can be higher for meets outside of the Metropolitan Conference.  Swimmers will average between 3-9 races per meet.  A $15 Coach's Surcharge Fee per swimmer will be added for each meet.  Silvers Championship Meet will have a $20 Coach's Surcharge Fee and all other Championship meets will have a $25 Coach's fee.

Once a parent commits a swimmer to a meet, and the Meet Director has sent off the team's entries, the meet fees must be paid for by the parent whether or not the swimmer is able to attend the meet or not.  There can be no exceptions to this rule.  All Meet Fees will be billed to your account following each competition.  

Fundraising Commitment:  Each family is charged an annual mandatory fundraising commitment of $400.  This commitment must be fulfilled by the end of the Short Course season or by the close of the annual Swim-A-Thon. Various fundraising opportunites will be offered by the team and the amounts raised by each family will be tallied.  By the end of the Short Course season, each family's account will be charged the difference if they did not meet the required fundraising goal of $400. 

Parent-Participation Commitment:  Each family is required to sign up for a total of four (4) JOB or HOSPITALITY Sign-Up slots over the season ending with the last meet that we host in February.  A minimum of two (2) JOB sign up slots is required, however.  Assignments will be posted on Team Unify and sign-up will be on a first come; first serve basis.  If a family does not meet the minimum required commitment, they will be billed $150 per swimmer following our last co-hosted meet in February.  Families will have the option of simply paying the club the service fee instead of performing the four (4) slot Sign-Up requirements.  However, the club would much rather have each family's time and support; rather than the money.  Our team relies on the participation of all its members; and we can only be as good as the families that support us. 

Meet Attendance Commitment:  MWDA will be co-hosting two meets this year (Heats & Treats Meet 11/01/19 - 11/03/19 and the Sink or Swim Meet 02/07/20 - 02/09/20).  We view these meets as "Team Meets" and are expecting full attendance of our swimmers.  These meets are a good opportunity for our swimmers to compete, make friends, co-mingle with other teammates and learn from their swims.  It will also be a time for our parents to form friendships and work together to make these meets successful.  We are requiring that each swimmer attend a minimum of two (2) sessions, and compete in a minimum of three (3) events per session.  To fulfill this requirement, each swimmer has the choice of attending two (2) sessions at the same meet or one (1) session at each meet.

Payment Policy:  All fees and dues from prior seasons must be paid-in-full prior to the start of the new season. Credit cards will need to be on file in order to maintain an active account.  Your balance due is expected to be paid-in-full; regardless of the amount of practices attended.  Swimmers will be restricted from practice and/or meets if balances are not paid up. 

Refund Policy:  If a swimmer chooses to leave the team prior to October 7, 2019, they will be entitled to receive a 75% refund of Team Dues paid only. After October 7th, refunds and pro-rates of tuition only will only be granted for medical reasons and group level changes. Documentation from a medical professional stating the swimmer is unable to compete during the season, or will miss more than 3 weeks of practice is required.  Please contact a Board Member for refund requests.  




Fees: Yr-Round (Sept - July) $1,095; Short Course Only (Sept - Mar) $855;                             Long Course Only (Apr - July) $425

Primary emphasis for a Bronze swimmer is placed on stroke development.  The swimmer must be able to swim 1 lap of freestyle and 1 lap of backstroke to be placed in this group.  The basic fundamentals of all of the competitive strokes will be introduced.  Also important in a swimmer’s development, will be the social interaction with other swimmers and the ability to manage a competitive workout environment.  Swimmers entering this group must be comfortable in deep water, and possess the listening skills necessary to take instruction within a group setting. Introduction to swim meets will also be important to the development of each swimmer.  Practice 3 days a week is encouraged


Fees: Yr-Round (Sept - July) $1,445; Short Course Only (Sept - Mar) $1,040;                          Long Course Only (Apr - July) $520

Silver Varsity*

Fees: Yr-Round (Sept - July) $1,305; Short Course Only (Sept - Mar) $940;                                Long Course Only (Apr - July) $520

Mastery of all four of the competitive swimming strokes and a solid understanding of the individual medley is the focus of the Silver Team.  Emphasis is heavily placed on good technique while mastering the essentials of competitive swimming; such as understanding how to use the pace clock, and learning the use of proper lane etiquette.  The introduction of aerobic endurance work is also done at this level. Practice 3 days a week is expected; a maximum of 4 days a week is allowed.

Gold * 

Fees: Yr-Round (Sept - July) $1,675; Short Course Only (Sept - Mar) $1,205;                             Long Course Only (Apr - July) $600

Gold Varsity * 

Fees: Yr-Round (Sept - July) $1,515; Short Course Only (Sept - Mar) $1,090;                             Long Course Only (Apr - July) $600

The Gold Team is comprised of swimmers who have chosen M-W Devilfish Aquatics as their number one athletic priority.  The Gold program is geared toward producing national level swimmers and preparing swimmers to graduate to the collegiate program of their choice.  Swimmers in the Gold group will be expected to swim year round.  Training in this group takes a great commitment.  Regular practice and meet attendance is mandatory; a minimum of 5 days a week practice attendance is expected.  Swimmers choosing to swim with the High School Varsity swim program, must attend a minimum of one M-W Devilfish Aquatics practice each week during the High School season.  

 *Placement in each group level is determined by the Head Coach.