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How Do I Join?

How Do I Join?
Returning members can simply skip to registration.  New members will come to a practice during "Tryout" week and will be assigned to a training group.  You will use this training group assignment at registration.  If you have previously been in contact with a coach and already know your training group, you can register prior to the "Tryout" week.

How do I Register?
Registering is easy.  Simply click "Click to Register" located on the home screen.

Which group do I select?
If you are a returning member, you probably already know your training location and group.  If you are new to the team, you will be placed in a training group during the first week of practice (Tryout week).   Be sure to choose your applicable training location...Marlboro or Monroe-Woodbury.  All registrations must be approved.  If you registered for the wrong location or group, your registration will be corrected during the approval process; including fee corrections, if necessary.

How do I pay at registration?
At the end of the registration process, you will see a bill for your first payment total.  We require a minimum of 50% of tuition fees, the USA Swimming Registration fee, personalized caps fee, and a team T-shirt fee all due at the time of registration. The remaining 50% of tuition fees can be spread over 3 monthly payments; to be billed on November, December, and February 1st.  You may also pay-in-full during registration if you choose; with a 5% discount on tuition fees if you choose the Pay In Full - Full Year option only.  If a family has more than one swimmer on the team, we offer a 5% discount off of tuition only as well.  If you are a returning member with a balance from the previous season, those balances must be paid at registration as well.

What happens after registration?
Once your registration is approved, you will receive your login information.  This allows you to access your account, enter meets, view results, invoices, transaction history and more.  When you login for the first time, it is important that you verify your email address and your cell phone number to ensure you will receive team communications; including last minute changes to practice or meets when they occur.  Returning members need to review and update information during registration accordingly. 

What if my child decides competitive swimming is not for him/her?
Competitive swimming is a fantastic sport but some kids may decide that they do not wish to continue in the first few weeks.  Should this occur, we will give you a pro-rated refund on your tuition only. The USA Swimming fee is forwarded to USA Swimming and they do not offer a refund for it's fee.  Once our team shirt and caps are ordered, those items will become yours and the fee for them cannot be returned.