Head Coach's Message

A Message from Head Coach Chris

I am Head Coach Christopher Grier of the FAST Swim Team. I am proud to announce that the FAST USA Swim Team has been recognized by the United States Swimming Inc.  We have reached our level three in the club recognition program nationally observed by the governing body of USA Swimming.  I am overjoyed by the diligent efforts the team has made this past season. However, we still have other challenges to meet. I am looking forward to overcoming these challenges in the training system this season.

I have found in my experience that to become the best possible each individual swimmer must fully commit to training and every challenge they are faced with. 

My philosophy is represented in a simple statement; "Success in swimming will not happen unless you make it happen".  In order to achieve success the swimmer must really want it.  Attendance is mandatory, and the single most important success factor of swimming is going to practice.  The theme of my practices for the season is controlling your ability and willingness to focus.  Swimmers must be willing to constantly challenge themselves, avoid becoming comfortable, and always striving to achieve new things they have never done before.  To triumph during a meet all swimmers must be ready to consider all these things and swim their personal best.  During the season, training is frequent and the objective is to execute standard swim time meet entry cuts in important meets such as Silvers, Junior Olympics, and Zones.  In order for the swimmers to be committed to the program, both swimmers and parents must understand the system that has been provided, in order to have an organized program.

As head coach, I intend to keep the FAST USA Swim Team moving in a positive direction.  We are a team operated and maintained by a board that is certified by United States Swimming Inc. Equally as Head Coach, I work side by side with the board in all of its decisions and organizational direction.  This foundation is being recognized by the United States Swimming Board of directors, because the guidelines set forth by USA Swimming Board has helped maintain the present FAST USA Swim Team become a national level three swim team. We are competitors swimming in accordance with the USA Swimming certified national rating system. In order to meet those level guidelines each swimmer must be prepared at every level of her or his training. Practice is mandatory. Let’s be clear if you are not there you are not prepared.