Dual Meet/Class Meet Schedule

LBA will once again be participating in the Nassau County Municipal Dual Meet League.

Dual Meets are great for new as well as veteran swimmers & are tons of fun!

Dual Meets will be open to all training groups!

In order to sign up for a dual meet, you must email Coach Kelly at with your child's name and age (as of November 1) no later than approx. 1 week before the meet. 

 Once the lineup is done, we will not make any changes to it. 

If you have signed up for a meet and your child does not show, this causes the coaches valuable time away from the swimmers who are there to try and make the necessary changes. 

Please note that there are a limited number of spots available for each swimmer to swim in. We do our best to make it as fair as possible. And we will rotate from week to week. There may be times when your child only gets to swim in a relay and no individual. 


For Winter dual meets, the swimmers birthday is as of November 1. So whatever age they are on November 1, is the age group they swim for the dual meet season 


Winter 2019-2020 Dual Meet Schedule


LB @ Hewlett: December 15 7:00 am Warm up- WON  

LB @ Plainview: January 4: 1:00 PM Warm up (Plainview/Old Bethpage Middle School)- WON 

LB @ Great Neck: January 16- 6:15 PM Warm up 

LB @ Syosset: March 8: 11:30 am warm up 


Quick note regarding championships: If you know you will be away, please let us know ASAP! Do not wait for lineup to come out. We are only permitted a certain number of changes at the championship meet, so the earlier we know, the better. 

Championships consists of one swimmer from each age group in each event. The Champs lineup is determined by time, to give us the best lineup possible.

In order to be eligible for champs, you must have participated in a minimum of 3 Dual Meets.