LBA Parent Q & A

LBA Parent Q & A

Q: How Much is it? How old do you have to be? What day is it?

A: The price of the team varies based on what group and where you live. To get an idea though, under documents on the website are the registration forms for the team. The minimum age for tryouts is 6. The days vary depending on the group, but for someone just joining, the days would be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday


Q: Will the coaching changes remain the same in September? 

A: The coaching Staff will remain the same in September with hopefully two new additions. We are looking to bring in 2 new coaches to work on our staff. They are both former LBA Swimmers who went through the entire program up until the graduated and went off to college. We are hoping to bring them on to help with Whitw 2 & Red group. Those two groups in particular have grown over the last year, and we feel lit would be best to split those groups and helo give more individual attention the swimmers. 


Q: Why are there so many coaching changes? Why did Kelly leave to go back to Senior Group? 

A: From time to time, there will be some coaching changes (just with people growing and moving on to a different part of their life). As we bring in new coaches, we evaluate what group would be the best fit for each Coach. With the coaching changes that were taking place, the staff as a whole felt Kelly would be better to work with the senior group once again, and other coaches were a better fit for the younger groups. 


Q: What are the benefits of using snorkel while swimming? Would Our team consider using them?

A: The Benefits of the snorkel have to do with maintaining the body position as the snorkel eliminates the need to breathe while swimming. Snorkels were a requirement of the senior elite group for quite a while, and like happens with all the required equipment, the kids forget them, loose them, or just dont have whats required. And then in the end instead of doing something beneficial, time is wasted, and it ends with coaches frustrated. I will speak to Gail and Tim, and see of this is something they would like to bring back. 


Q: ABC Meet- Please put Schedule on Website

A: The class meet schedule and dual meet schedule (along with directions have been on the website since the beginning of July. Under Meet Schedule there is a drop down menu with schedule & directions


Q: Do We show for Dual Meet if it is raining? 

A: Dual meet are rain or shine 


Q:Is there anything longer than a 1650 free? 

A: No. the 1650 free is the longest distance in free that you can race. In a short course pool (the rec pool), it is 66 laps. (And no, the swimmers don't have to count, they have counters for any race 500 yards and above) 


Q: Why was there no Practice Sunday? 

A: Practice for Sunday March 26 was canceled for a Coaches Certification day. All USS Coaches have to keep a number of certifications current in order to be on deck (whether at practice or a meet) These certifications include a variety of things, such as first aid, CPR For the Professional Rescuer, Foundations of Coaching exams (different levels), athlete Protection Training, and  Background screening. These certifications have to be renewed annually. A Number of our coaches certifications were set to expire soon, so we took the take tor renew what needed to be done. 


Q: What is the Summer Practice Schedule?  

A: The Summer Practice Schedule is still being finalized but a rough idea is as follows:

     Summer Practice goes into effect the last week of June and goes until the beginning of August  

     Blue: Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 5:00-5:45 PM / Tuesday & Thursday : 8:00-9:00 AM 

     White: Monday-Wednesday- Friday: 5:45-6:30 PM/ Tuesday & Thursday: 7:00-8:00 AM

     Red: Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 5:00-6:30 PM / Tuesday & Thursday : 7:00-9:00 AM 

     Senoir & Elite: Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 7:00-9:00 AM/ Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30-9:30 AM 


Q: Why are there so many kids? It gets confusing?

A: I'm not really sure exactly how to answer this. Are you asking why are there so many kids in a lane? In a particular group? Or on the whole team? Or are you referring to swim club?

If it is swim club, it is the first few days of swim club and all the kids are still being placed in the appropriate levels so it may seem very chaotic and confusing. Just give it a few sessions, and everyone will know where to go. 

If it is swim team you are referring to, we do not believe in turning away swimmers from the team. We have more than enough coaches to cover all the swimmers that are in a particular group. 

If this does not fully answer your question, let me know.


Q: For Dryland for Red group, what should the swimmers wear? And will they have enough time to change before or after practice? 

A: For Dryland, the kids should wear loose comfortable clothing (t-shirts, sweats/leggings) ALWAYS SNEAKERS! Be mindful of the weather always have a jacket or sweat short in case they happen to be outside, and the weather changes or it rains. They will most definitely have time to change after practice on Sundays, and before on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. They have to be quick about it, but they will get 5-10 minutes.


Q: Red group is packed.Kids were swimming on top of each other and standing in the lane. Why So crowded? How are they learning if they are so crowded? Would an additional practice lessen the crowd? 

A: Yes, we are aware of how crowded red group got this season. We have had a large number of new kids join the team, and a lot of swimmers were all ready for red group at the same time. At the red group level, most of the practice should be focused on technique work, which can be done at small distances at a time (25's-50's). At the times that speed and endurance work is being done, the groups can be split, and they can go in smaller groups at a time. (which is done in all the groups, up to senior elite) An additional practice could lessen the crowd, however all the groups got much more crowded this season which is one of the reasons we took Monday & Wednesday out. (and Red group has always been offered 4 days a week (it was only in the last year that it went to 6, but the swimmers were not using it to their advantage)


Q: Why is Red practice no longer offered on Mondays & Wednesdays?It seems like a big step backwards to have kids swimming 6 days a week and now 4, one of which is solely technique. So 6x week (endurance) to 3x week (endurance)? Is this the right way? 

A: For years past red groups was always offered 4 days a week (and it used to be for an hour only) It has only been for the last year that 6 days a week was offered, however the swimmers were not taking advantage of the 6 days. Most were coming 4, while some were even coming 2-3. Last season the swimmers were not doing 6x a week endurance. They were doing technique every single day, and then when it was time for endurance sets, the groups would be split to help the lanes out (which is what all the groups do, Senior & Elite) Technique is the only way, once the technique is there, the speed comes easy. Without the proper technique, you are risking injury. We understand that there has been a lot of changes, but please know, that we always have the best interests of the swimmers at hand.

Q: After speaking with some parents, not everyone received the email about red group dryland. It is not on the calendar. Can you email parents again or put on the calendar? Also, is dryland for Red 5:20 or 5:30?


A: I do apologize that not everyone received the email. I am not sure why that happened. I have been sure that the calendar is updated and dryland is there. Dryland is Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm and Sundays from 8:30-9:30 am 

Q: Why is Dryland training an hour? Wouldn't a half hour suffice then spend more time in the pool?

A: By the time the kids meet and get to where they are going its probably about 5:40, and then after Dryland they need time to change, get some water and use the bathroom before swim. So all in all they are probably a little over 30 minutes. They are stretching and doing strength training. They need to get stronger to become stronger swimmers. It is not only about swimming laps up and down the pool, there are so many more things that go into this sport. 


Q: Can the Calendar go up earlier and not right before the month starts? 

A: Yes, we do our best to the get the calendars up as soon as we have all the information. But many times, we are waiting on answers about the availability of the High school to use. I will be working on the july and August calendar next week, and will have it up with the understanding that there may be a change or two that comes up at the last minute. If there are any changes that happen like that though, I will always send an email out. Thank you 


Q: How many days of Dryland do you recommend for children new to the red group? 

A: For the swimmers in red group, they can do 4 days of Dryland along with their training. In the beginning when starting dryland, there will always be a period of adjustment (soreness)  while their bodies are adjusting to the new exercises, and they may fee a bit "off" in the water. But that is temporary, and as they get stronger, it will all be normal again to them. But like always, they should listen to their bodies, and learn the difference between soreness and pain. If there are every any issues, always talk to the coach and get their advise.