Fall/Winter 2017-18 PBAC Rates (September - March 2018)

Minnow - $375 + $70 USA Swimming registration = $445.00  

Bronze - $495 + $70 USA Swimming registration = $565.00    

Silver/Pre-Senior/Senior - $520 + $70 USA Swimming registration = $590.00 

Girls Varsity = $350 + $70 USA Swimming registration = $420.00

Boys Varsity = $230 + $70 USA Swimming registration = $300.00

PBAC offers a multi swimmer discount. Discount does not apply if your multi swimmer is a varsity swimmer. 



Family Volunteer Bond

Rate does not include mandatory $100 family volunteer bond (refundable at end of season only after volunteer hours have been completed)


Registration Installments

The $70 USA Swimming and $100 Volunteer bond are due at registration.  You may choose to pay the balance in full at registration or monthly installments due October 1st, November 1st, December 1st and January 1st.  Each installment will incur a $4.00 processing fee.

Registration after October 15, 2017 will incur a $25 per swimmer late processing fee.

Practice days/times: 

Minnow:    Mon/Wed/Fri5:30-6:30p                                                              

Bronze:     Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30-7:30p Tue/Thu 5:30-7:30p  

Silver/Pre-senior/G-Varsity/B-Varsity     Mon-Fri 5:30-7:30p

Groups are decided by the coaches. If your swimmer(s) is moved up, PBAC will prorate the fee. If you register for the wrong swim group, PBAC reserves the right to move your swimmer(s) to his or her correct group. Rate will be adjusted to the correct group.  If a swimmer tries out for varsity but does not make the team, the rate will revert back to the regular swimmer rate.



Until November 1st.  rate will be prorated from the withdraw date minus the $70 non-refundable USA Swimming membership. Volunteer time still required. Between November 1st – January 1 medical withdrawal only with a physician’s note & board approval. Rate will be prorated minus the $70 non-refundable USA Swimming membership. Volunteer time still required.

After January 1st = no refunds.


USA Meet Fees

USA swimming imposes meet fees per swimmer, per event. They can range from $5 per event to $10 per event. In addition, there is a swimmer meet surcharge of $6 per US Meet. Your credit card on file will now be charged for all US meet fees. 

ESSL Invitationals (not dual meets)

Typically $4 per event, per swimmer. We will advise if there are surcharged invitationals. Cash or check payable to PBAC will be required only for ESSL invitationals. Payment can be placed at either pool mailbox office (HS = Boys office) (PAK = TBD). Please always keep your payment in a sealed envelope with your swimmers name. (late payments that are charged to your cc will incur a $6 surcharge fee)

There are NO refunds to any meet fees. No exceptions.  Returned checks or a decline on credit card payment will result in a $25 penalty.