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Code of Conduct

Spartans Swim Team Code of Conduct, Rules, and Disciplinary Procedures - 2016

  1. Be respectful of your coaches
  2. Be respectful of your teammates
  3. Be respectful of the Recreation Staff, Spartan parents, and other adults
  4. Be respectful of the practice and pool
  5. Be respectful of competitions, officials, and other teams/swimmers


Ossining Aquatics/Recreation Rules

  1. No eating on the pool deck or in the locker rooms
  2. Leave your area cleaner than when you arrived; clean up after yourself every time
  3. Do not interact with the after-school program unless currently enrolled
  4. Locker rooms are for changing, bathroom use, and showering only (10 minute maximum time)
  5. Swimmers are not to be outside the pool area (roaming the Rec and grounds) between 3-6pm
  6. No running (unless on gymnasium court) or general horseplay
  7. No diving without supervision; no diving into the shallow end
  8. No sitting or leaning on the lane ropes
  9. Do not use swim and lessons equipment as toys
  10. All issues which might affect team unity or breach pool rules and/or Code of Conduct are to be reported to the coaches immediately


Disciplinary Procedure (based on the severity/frequency of the case, issues might begin further of the chain)

  1. Coach/Lifeguard Warning
  2. Temporary Removal from Water
  3. Removal from Practice and Parent Contact
  4. Meeting with Coach and Aquatics Staff
  5. Superintendent of Recreation Parks meeting with Parents