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Spartans Basics

A note from the coach:
No team can achieve all of their goals or be as successful as they set out to be without an engaged, supportive group of parents. It has been my pleasure to get to know all of you over the past few years and I look forward to meeting those of you who are new to the team as well. I hope you find the Spartan experience one that is impressionable and satisfying. – Head Coach Mike Kane

Did you know?
Consistently, those athletes whose parents become knowledgeable about and promote the sport of swimming perform at amazing personal levels.  There are several ways in which swimming allows you to get involved in your child’s athletic career. 


  1. Encourage ALL swimmers by recognizing their hard work and achievements
  2. Respect the hard work that others have put towards volunteering


  1. Check the Spartans website and email regularly.
  2. Attend 1 mandatory Parent Meeting per season
  3. Work 1 summer meet (home or away)
  4. Work 1 Team-building event per season




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