Lost & Found

Lost & Found

These items were left or lost at swim meets.  Please email to claim and arrange pick up or to notify that you found the lost item


Lost Items:

1) TEAM SUIT: Boys Jammer suit at Marist College on Sunday, Oct 15th with no tag.  Also missing, green folding bleacher chair.

3)-pink mirror googles with a bungee cord, cap and a pair of black furry crocks - NDAC 11/5

4) Team Suit Boys Jammer suit at Middletown High School on 11/4

​5) Team T-Shirt ...Adult Large at NDAC on 11/5 in locker room (MH)


Found Items:

1) TOWEL PANTS:  Emoji towel pants found at Marist College Saturday's AM session (Oct 14th)

2) Team suit : Girls Dolphin team suit at Middletown High School found in the girls locker room 11/4 

3) Female team suit size 24 no name NDAC 11/5

4) Adult small dolphin tshirt no name NDAC 11/5

5) small gatorade water bottle NDAC 11/5

​6) Red/Pink/White Plaid Pants (Liz Claiborne Size S) at NDAC 11/5

​7) Red Glasses at NDAC Meet 11/5  

8) Towel Pants at Valley Central on 1/7 Afternoon session

9) Tigger Towel at Valley Central on 1/7 Afternoon session



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