Swimmer Code of Conduct


I understand it is a privilege and an honor to be a member of the Dolphin Swim Club of the Hudson Valley (hereafter referred to as 'Dolphins'). As a member of Dolphins, I agree to follow this Code of Conduct. I also understand that if I make choices which do not conform to this important set of rules, I will be at risk for disciplinary action which may limit my privileges and might lead to expulsion from the team:

Our guidelines are founded on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation.


1. If I see something that looks unsafe, or someone who seem out of place or unfamiliar, doing something unsafe or unusual, I will report it to my coach immediately.

2. I will not climb on lane line/cover reels, or go near any drains or filter inlets.

3. I will not run, push, or play around on the deck area, or throw training equipment of any kind.

4. I will not bring glass containers onto the pool deck.


1. I will not judge or criticize others. I will not talk about others behind their back.

2. I will be committed to my best effort every day. I will try hard and do what the coach says.

3. I will be respectful and polite to my coaches and parents or guardians.

4. I will not swear, talk back, or use disrespectful language.

5. I will respect personal space: I will not push, hit, spit, or inappropriately touch others.

6. I will act with respect and honor. I will never use racial slurs or derogatory comments which make teammates or opponents feel uncomfortable, intimidated or degraded.

7. I will respect personal property: I will not harm, destroy, litter, or trash property. This also means locker rooms, pool decks, landscaping, hallways, etc)

8. I will respect the private property of others. I will never steal or harm the private possessions of others.

9. I will respect my coaches and teammates by arriving on time to practice and meets.

10. I will respect and believe in myself. I will not use tobacco products, illegal drugs or alcohol.


1. I will not act like a bully! (Intentionally hurt or make discouraging remarks or create a negative environment for my teammates or opponents)

2. I will use my hard work and talent to win races, not my words.

3. I will not boast when I win, and I will be courageous when I lose.

4. I will remember that everything I do, good, bad, and indifferent, is a reflection on my community and my club.


1. I will cheer my teammates, promote team spirit and morale.

2. I will lift the spirits of my teammates when they are down.

3. I will wear my Dolphins apparel with pride and do my best to follow the spirit of the Code of Conduct outside my Dolphins activities.


1. I will bring all the equipment I need (goggles, fins, towels, water) to each practice.

2. I will arrive to practice and swim meets on time.

3. I will be responsible for caring for equipment and using it properly. Practice is not finished until all supplies are returned to storage. Everyone helps.

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