Food Guide

Eat, Sleep, Swim

Proper eating and sleeping habits are necessary for a swimmer to keep in shape and swim well.  Excess fats should be avoided.  Swimmers should be eating fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.  Naturally, too many desserts and sweets will add weight that the swimmer will have to pull along.  A good night’s sleep is essential to perform up to potential. Please see below for specific practice and meet food recommendations.




Pre-practice snacks are very important for our young athletes. A lot of our swimmers have lunch at a very early hour and then have a long and busy day. We suggest that your child pack snacks and drinks into their swim bag. Some good snacks include granola, vegetables, bananas, nuts, energy bars, oranges and other healthy snacks. A light sandwich may be appropriate; peanut butter and jelly, turkey, cheese or tuna, on a light bread, no rolls or bagels. Please, no chocolate; we want to teach our swimmers to work hard without their sugar spiking. Also, excess dairy leads to upset stomachs during practice. 


Water is best for hydration, before, during and after workouts. Please be sure your child has a bottle with them for practice. This will cut down on time out of the pool and interruptions to the flow of the lanes.


Post-practice your swimmer may need a light snack, before dinner. Nuts, cheese and high protein snacks are best at this time.




Dinner the night before a meet is a high carbohydrate meal. Pasta is best with chicken or another protein. Our meets are all in Westchester and Connecticut which makes meet days very long; food for the day is important. Here is a list of suggestions for breakfast, lunch and meet time snacks.

Breakfast should be hearty but not heavy; eggs, cheeses, meats, fruit, oatmeal, or cereal.

Lunch may be a lighter fare, nothing heavy; sandwiches and salads with protein for energy are best. No burgers and fries, pizza, other fried foods or meals with excess dairy.

Snacks for meet days should be prepared with one thought in mind; spiking sugar levels will cause our swimmers to crash during the meet. Ideal snacks will be fruit, vegetables, granola, nuts, and energy bars. Drinks should be restricted to water or sports drinks, nothing carbonated. Our meets do not run more than 4 hours in length and swimmers compete for only a few minutes each meet. Snacks should be limited to before the meet itself (bus and car rides) and after the meet. Food will NOT be permitted to be eaten on deck during the meet. Please prepare accordingly with well-timed meals that compliment the time of day a particular meet takes place.

Post-meet meals (away meets) will be important as our days are long and then we will need to return home. Your swimmer will be hungry, but you probably won't want them to spoil their dinner. With this in mind, bus ride home snacks are to your discretion.