T-BIRDS Values

Teamwork: The Thunderbirds work together and push each other towards individual and team success. Each swimmer impacts one another in practice and at meets to achieve our goals. 

Belonging: The Thunderbirds is a place where each young athlete can be themselves. We come together to create a sense of belonging for each and every swimmer.

Integrity: The Thunderbirds always strive to do the right thing whether or not anyone is watching. We continually support our community in the most positive and productive ways possible.

Respect: The Thunderbirds show respect daily both in and out of our building. Thunderbirds respect reaches from coaches and teammates to home life and school, from competitors and friends to our JCC community and around the world.

Determination: The Thunderbirds never give up! We will always work to better ourselves, our swimming and our world.

Spirit: The Thunderbirds cheer and shout and share our unbridled energy with everyone around us. Our spirit runs deeper than our team colors which can be seen everywhere we go.