Swim Meets 101

What happens at a swim meet?
Swim meets typically last 3-4 hours per session.  A swimmer typically swims one session per day in a Sat & Sun meet.  In each session, the swimmer usually swims 3 events determined by the coaches as well as a relay event if possible.  New and younger swimmers may only swim 1 or 2 events based on their abilities.

What to bring to a swim meet?
Swimmers should have the following:
2 Swim Caps – in case one breaks, they have a back-up
2 Pairs of goggles- in case one breaks, they have a back-up
One or two towels- They can use one to dry off and one to possibly sit on
A Shirt and Shorts- To help them stay warm on deck after their races
A Snack and something to stay hydrated
Some swimmers bring a book to help pass the time. Some bring an iPod or a game, that’s at your discretion. We are not held responsible for anything that may turn up missing, though we’d like to imagine that nothing like that would take place.

Swimmers shouldn’t leave the deck without first notifying a coach. We do not want to see them up in the stands when they’re supposed to be preparing for a race. If they need anything, they need to let us know. PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON DECK AT ANY POINT DURING A MEET. Before the meet you can take the swimmers to the locker rooms and make sure they get ready and you may meet them in the locker rooms when the meet is done, but at no point are they allowed on deck. When a swimmer is changed and entering the deck, they should walk on deck and look for members of the team, one of the coaches, and/or the team banner. This will indicate where the team will be sitting at a meet.

There is typically an entrance fee for swim meets for the spectators. Please be prepared to pay the entrance fees, typically $3-$5.

Swimmers should show up at least 15minutes before the scheduled warm-up time for the meet. They should enter the pool deck and locate where the team is sitting or one of the coaches. We typically have one of our banners hanging up, and all coaches would be in some form of Middies gear. Please be advised that the coach at the meet may not be the primary coach who coaches your child on a daily basis, but all coaches are responsible for swimmers at meets.

Coaches are required to hand in a positive check in sheet before the meet begins. If your child is not there on time, they may be scratched from the meet and wont be able to swim. If you are running late, please make sure that you contact a coach and let them know. Please call or text Coach John at (914) 494-1743 or e-mail [email protected].