Meet Info

A few things to remember about swim meets -

1) Please arrive 15 minutes before the posted Warm-Up time.

2) Parents are not allowed on deck AT ANY TIME during a swim meet unless they are volunteers working at that session.

3) Swimmers must wear a MIDDIES suit to meets. They must wear a MIDDIES CAP (if they wear a cap) and should wear a MIDDIES t-shirt or sweatshirt on the pool deck.

4) Swimmers should have a healthy snack and a drink with them. Sessions can last up to 4 hours.

5) Your meet entries will be posted on our Meet Page. Swimmers should know which days and what times to attend and which events they are swimming.

6) If you can't attend a meet, please contact the coaches (email, written note or phone message). It is very helpful to us to know in advance who we should be looking for.