Stars Program

Stars Program

ASC is proud to sponsor our Stars Program for our Red Hots and Green groups! This program is designed to outline concrete goals for each of our groups so that swimmers can work toward meeting these challenges in keeping with the club’s philosophies. A swimmer earns a star pin each time they accomplish a step/goal designated for their practice group. Steps that consist of a practice set must be set up by the coach; the coaching staff will determine when a swimmer has met each step. Each step must be completed IN ORDER and one at a time. Once a swimmer has earned the first 4 stars and met the 5th goal, they turn the stars into the coach and receive an ASC pin to represent their accomplishments! Each step is a challenge and the program is geared to facilitate passion and excitement about competition while rewarding hard work and dedication. Some steps require a special time set up between you and the coaches. Each set must be swum with good breathing patterns, technique, turns (if required) and effort.

Red Hots

  1. 80 practice attendance for one month
  2. Complete one 25 side flutter and 25 back flutter in the streamline position
  3. Complete a legal 25 backstroke
  4. Complete a 50 Freestyle with a flip turn in a meet.
  5. Compete in either a 25 fly or the 25 breaststroke legally

Green Group

  1. 80% practice attendance for one month
  2. Complete 10 x 25's free on :50
  3. Compete in a legal 25 breaststroke and 25 butterfly
  4. Compete in a legal 100 I.M.
  5. Achieve a 9-10 “B” time in at least one event