GLT Communication

Website:  The website will be the first level of communication.  This is where the information will be first posted.  It is also the place to go for all inquiries.  You can access your Tritons Billing Account, enter swimmers into Meets, find training schedules, information on fundraisers and social events, and other resources.  The website is our most important form of communication, please access it often and check out all the information available to you.

Emails:  We also communicate via email. Please read the emails in their entirety, there is a lot of information included in these emails.  Also as new events, news items, and social events are added to the website a quick email will also be sent out to direct you to the new admission.

RainedOut:  Tritons uses RainedOut to inform you about cancelled practices, pool closures, changed plans and more.  RainedOut delivers our urgent alert to you as a text message or email.  You may sign up either by cell phone or by the website.  Click HERE for instructions.

If you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to contact a Coach if your question is regarding practice or swimming, or a Board of Director for any other question.  Click HERE for the list of Board of Directors.