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How to Join

The Y Hub Fins Swim Team offers fun, fitness, and friendship to our youth while learning proper stroke technique.  All of our groups take an annual break early August.  The last two weeks of August, we encourage interested new members to come join us to try it out.  

For Group Descriptions, Times, and Fees: CLICK HERE

All Members of the Y Hub Fins programs must have a 1 or 2 parent Family YMCA Membership, in addition to the program fees, after trying us out.  

Generally, before joining, an in water evaluation will need to be scheduled, in order to know the best group for your child.  Swimmers must be able to complete a 25 freestyle and a 25 backstroke, independently without stopping.  Please contact Coach Addy ahead of time to discuss your childs abilities and to set up a time to come try us out.    

To set up an evaluation at either location, please contact Addy Panzram at The Family YMCA. 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 601-583-4000

YMCA Membership

All swimmers are required to have a 2 Adults plus Children or Adult plus Children Membership to the YMCA.  This membership can be held at either the Hattiesburg or Petal branch.  There is no joining fee for anyone joining to participate on the Y Hub Fins.

Membership Rates:

2 Adults plus Children Membership:  $69

Adult plus Children Membership:  $48

Training Fees Per Month

Training fees are set based on expected level of commitment and number of recommended practices per week.  These dues are in addition to the monthly membership fees of the YMCA.

Training Dues:

Novice (ages 6-10):  $40

Age Group (ages 9-13):  $55

Senior Group (ages 13 and up):  $70

Each additional child within the same family on the team will receive a $5 discount.


The Y is committed to not turning away any individual because of economic circumstances.  Scholarships are available through funding by the United Way.  For more information and scholarship criteria, please contact Ginny Reynolds at 601-583-4000 or 601-583-9399.

USA Swimming

There is a per swimmer annual fee of $84 to Mississippi Swimming. All swimmers MUST be registered with USA Swimming in order to participate in swim meets.  

To schedule an evaluation please contact Addy Panzram at (601) 583-4000 or email Addy at [email protected]