LMSC Top Ten

MD SCY Records   (This is an MS Excel spreadsheet which includes years of 1987-2011)

2009 LMSC Top Ten  
(Swimmers with top ten times from Y Nationals are shown as "MDY" - Mid Delmarva Y)

2007 LMSC Top Ten

2006 LMSC Top Ten Relays
2006 LMSC Top Ten
2005 LMSC Top Ten
2004 LMSC Top Ten
2003 LMSC Top Ten
2002 LMSC Top Ten
2001 LMSC Top Ten

USMS National and Local LMSC Top Ten Process

All USMS swimmers registered in our local LMSC who compete in meets hosted by teams in our LMSC are automatically included in both local and national Top Ten rankings.  Local Top Ten tracks only swimmers registered in our LMSC, which includes 13 clubs throughout Maryland, while national Top Ten tracks all USMS registered swimmers throughout the country.  Top Ten consists of the ten fastest times for each gender, age group, and event that were swum by USMS registered swimmers during the yearly cycle of each swim course.  Times must be swum in a pool with a minimum length of the designated course and be recorded by automatic timing or at least two watches.  All swims must take place in a USMS, USA or FINA sanctioned or approved meet. 

Maryland LMSC swimmers who compete in meets outside of our LMSC, such as in a USA sanctioned meet or a meet in another state or LMSC, are also eligible to be included in both Top Ten reports. However, it is the responsibility of these swimmers to request by email to the Maryland Top Ten Chair that their times be submitted for both national and local Top Ten publication.  This email should include complete documentation, including name and date of meet, swimmer name, USMS number, age, event(s) and time(s), as well as a direct link to the website showing results for each meet being submitted.

Swimmers who compete in Y Nationals, USMS Nationals and Zone meets do not have to submit results to the Top Ten Chair.  The hosts of these meet automatically forward results to USMS Top Ten, and these results will also be included in our local Top Ten.  

Local Top Ten reports will be posted to our website, approximately three weeks following the deadlines for submission listed below.  National Top Ten reports are usually posted another four weeks later at . Interim local LMSC reports will also be posted roughly mid-way through each swim course season so that swimmers can see their most current rankings.  The deadlines to submit times to the Top Ten Chair, Jill Springer, [email protected], are as follows:

                                                                                                                             Must be submitted to
                                                                                 Must be swum by:                   Top Ten Chair by:

Short Course Yards (June 1 – May 31):                          May 31                                    June 5
Long Course Meters (October 1 – September 30):           September 30                         October 5
Short Course Meters ( January 1 – December 31):          December 31                          January 5