The Tupelo Aquatic Center is located inside Veterans Park at 692 Veterans Boulevard.

This state-of-the-art facility houses a Myrtha Competition pool that is 20 lanes (25 yards) and 8 lanes (50 meters).  In addition, the Aquatic Center has Men’s and Women’s locker rooms with showers, Two Colorado Time System Scoreboards, seating capacity for 900 spectators, meet management space and a separate 3,000 square foot teaching pool. 

Shockwave is a tenant of the Tupelo Aquatic Center. Our club pays rent to use the Aquatic Center  and are required per our rental agreement to abide by the rules and decisions set forth by the Aquatic Center and/or the City of Tupelo.  

No one is allowed to park in the fire lane in front of the Aquatic Center at any time. Persons must park in a designated parking space. It is dangerous and a safety hazard.  If you are concerned about your children  walking through the parking lot, then you should get out of your car and escort your child to the car.   Please use the parking spaces.  

There will be times beyond Shockwave’s control that we are unable to practice (threatening weather, maintenance/repairs on pool, etc.) Shockwave may have dry land practices if conditions are suitable. However, Shockwave will still be required to meet the financial obligations necessary to run the team and therefore will not refund any money for practice cancellations due to adverse weather conditions, city decisions close the pool or any other reason beyond Shockwave’s control.

Shockwave members who wish to use the Tupelo Aquatic Center outside of designated Shockwave practice time must pay to enter the facility and abide by all fees, rules and regulations set forth by the Tupelo Aquatic Center.

Tupelo Aquatic Center and Tupelo Aquatic Center staff are not responsible for information regarding Shockwave. Please be respectful of the Aquatic Center staff. 




Lockers are available for use by private rental only and may be rented at the Front Desk of the Aquatic Center.  You must provide your own lock.  Shockwave swimmers are not allowed to use the lockers unless they have rented one through the Aquatic Center.  Items found inside unrented lockers will be disposed of by the Aquatic Center staff.  Locks placed on unrented lockers will be cut and items inside the lockers will be discarded.  Lockers are not available for rent through Shockwave.