What To Take
  • Shockwave gear - team cap (can be purchased in Shockwave office for $5), team suit, t-shirts
  • goggles
  • highlighter or pen for heat sheets
  • Money for heat sheet ($5-$15).  A heat sheet tells you what event, heat and lane your swimmer is in.  It will also have a time line (approximate time events start) and a list of what teams are participating in the meet
  • towels (bring several!)
  • folding chairs to sit on for swimmers and parents (stands are not always plentiful at different pools).  You do not need folding chairs at the Tupelo Aquatic Center. 
  • pop up tent for outdoor meets (optional)
  • clothes to keep your swimmer warm (sweat pants, sweat shirt, t-shirt, socks, flip flops/crocs, blankets, parkas, etc.)
  • games, cards, Nintendo, ipad, ipod, books, homework, etc. to pass the time between events
  • money to purchase food from concessions (some pools allow outside coolers and snacks to be brought in - some do not).  
  • avoid soft drinks, carbonated beverages, high fat and high sugar foods
  • camera with battery charged
  • download "Meet Mobile" app (free) for iphone/android and ipad.  Most meets  use this to track results and it is a great and easy way to keep up with your swimmer's times.
  • You may purchase a Shockwave team suit from All American Swim Supply.  Click on the Team Store on the website home page to visit our store at All American.  The team code is SWAT59.