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Code of Conduct

As a participant in the programs of the Minnetonka Swim Club, athletes and non-athlete members (including members’ families and volunteers) hereby agree to follow and embody the principles listed in this Code of Conduct. 

Code of Conduct

PART 1: General Code of Conduct – All Members (Athletes, Parents, Non-Athletes/Coaches, etc.)

  1. All participating team members will abide by this code of conduct.
  2. All athletes will carry themselves as ambassadors of Minnetonka Swim Club, Minnesota Swimming, and USA Swimming in a manner that reflects our core values at all times.
  3. All athletes will train and race to the best of their ability.
  4. All athletes will participate in all designated championship meets for which they qualify.
  5. All athletes will wear designated team apparel during all competition.
  6. Inappropriate behavior including but not limited to the following will not be tolerated: bullying, stealing, lying, vandalism, foul or profane language, unnecessary roughness, inappropriate sexual behavior and language, etc.
  7. Use, sale, or distribution of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or performance enhancing substances is strictly prohibited.
  8. All members, athletes and non-athletes will adhere to all facility rules and regulations.

PART 2: Code of Conduct – Bullying

  1. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  2. Bullying includes intentional use of any of the following actions to any other person or a person’s belongings: verbal, written, physical or use of gesture, electronic or any technological outlet, the misuse of any image/sound/data, etc.
  3. All actions that intentionally cause the following will be considered bullying:
    1. Physical, mental, or emotional harm
    2. Creating a hostile environment
    3. Infringing on the rights of others
    4. Disrupting the training process or daily club operation

PART 3: Code of Conduct – Violation of the Code of Conduct

The coaching staff has the initial responsibility to respond to any member, volunteer, coach or members’ family for inappropriate behavior, whether the member is actively or passively involved in the infraction. Disciplinary action will be taken by member(s) of the coaching staff and an additional disciplinary panel in an appropriate manner with regard to:

  1. The nature and severity of the violation
  2. Any prior disciplinary actions with that member
  3. The negative impact to others
  4. The application of the Code of Conduct

Once a violation has occurred, one or all of the following appropriate and timely penalties will be applied at the discretion of the Coach or Head Coach, if necessary:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Parental notification
  3. Removal from practice, meets, or other activities
  4. Suspension or expulsion

By registering for the Minnetonka Swim Club, both athletes and non-athlete members (including members’ families and volunteers) hereby agree to follow and embody the principles listed in this Code of Conduct.


Click here for a printable version of the Minnetonka Swim Club's Code of Conduct.