NBAC Alumnae & Alumni

From community service to racing and achieving best times, NBAC is constantly striving to be the best it can be, both in and out of the pool. We call it our "Pursuit of Excellence." Each year our swimmers work hard to bring that motto to life. For our graduating seniors that means continuing their education and for some it means continuing their journey in the pool. We are happy to say our swimmers go on to attend some of the best colleges and universities in the country.


Senior recognition swim a ton 2018Dylan Arzoni - The George Washington University

Lara Bate - University of Southern California

Emma Daugherty - University of Maryland

Calvin Eisenberg - United States Military Academy at West Point

Kendall Hayes - Vassar College

Brendan Lee - Johns Hopkins University

Easop Lee - Duke University

Ryan Miller - University of South Carolina

Grace Potis - University of San Diego

Darah Schillinger - St. Mary’s College

Ben Selnick - Emory University


Billy Cadigan

Naval Academy

Dalton Coe

West Virginia University

Meghan Fields

Naval Academy

Hamed Hudhud

University of Pittsburgh

Cassie Kalisz

Louisiana State University

Ellie McComas

University of Florida


Maddie Runge

Naval Academy

Becca Mann

University of Southern California

Andrew Blomquist


Raphael Bechtold

Johns Hopkins University

Timmy Tomsuden

Westchester University

Selah Peacock

Vanderbilt University

Coleman Stewart

North Carolina State University

Sriniram Narasimhan


Monmouth University

Katherine Hirsch

Franklin and Marshall

Brian Yarayan

Towson University


Mary Pelton


Grace Hansen

Towson University

Cole Buese

Princeton University

Jason Ewart

Lehigh University

Jonah Giuliano


Johns Hopkins University

Katie McComas

University of South Carolina

Catherine Pollack

Middlebury University

Noah Stewart

Dartmouth University

Dan Golczewski


University of Virginia

Max Beckett


Sarah Sulkowski



Ian Silverman 

University of Southern California

Gavin Colley

 Florida State

Gillian Ryan  


Aidan Merryman  

Savannah School of Art and Design

Korby Simpson


Lauren James


Connor Kalisz

Florida State

Trevor Hine

 Florida State

Cierra Runge


Dani Potis


Will Cosgarea

Johns Hopkins

Molly Weinstock

Pomona College

Kelsey Gallagher


Julianna Runk


Matt Tomsuden

Penn State

Kate Rosenberg

 UNC Wilmington

Haley McComas

Colorado School of Mines

Margaret Pollack


Jessica Ranjbar

Towson University

Henry Stephens

Virginia Tech.

Andrew Coe

College of New Jersey

Meghan Lanehart

University of Delaware


Cora Summerfield

Lehigh University

Kerry Truesdell

Penn. State

Deanna Parsons

University of Connecticut

Mohamed Hudhud

Johns Hopkins University

Leander Bechtold

Johns Hopkins University

Jordon Surhoff

University of Texas

Porsche Brown

University of Rhode Island

Gabrielle Runk

Towson University

Gabe Gregorzak

University of Delaware

Liz Hampson

University of Charleston

Brad Updegraff

Rowan University

Brooke Kasoff

Sewannee University of the South

Willa Wong

Harvard University

Alaina Mandell

Sewannee University of the South