NOW Partners
Member Requirements

This section provides an overview of membership requirements for NOW.

At the beginning of each session (short course season, spring tune-up, and summer session) NOW offers an open enrollment period.  Returning swimmers will have the opportunity to register before registration opens to new swimmers.

To join the team swimmers must, at a minimum, be able to swim 25 yards on their stomach and back without stopping, to listen to and follow coach instructions, and to complete a one-hour practice.  New and experienced swimmers will be placed by the coaches in practice groups at the beginning of the season.  Swimmer evaluation dates are announced on the website prior to the beginning of the season.  Swimmers joining at some other part of the season should contact Head Coach Matt Leix ( or Registration Chair Kathy Miller ( to set up an evaluation.  Please note that practice groups are subject to size limits.

NOW swimmers must have either a youth or family YMCA membership, must pay swim team fees to the YMCA, must have an active user account on NOW’s team website (, and must have a credit card or ACH payment method attached to their team website account to pay for USA Swimming registration, activity and meet entry fees.


For more detailed information about the current registration process, click here.