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Board / Volunteers

This Board / Volunteers section provides a listing of key contacts for NOW along with a description of the various Parent Board and Volunteer positions.


North Oakland Waves 2013-2014 Parent Board
President Cheryl Wegener  Email
Vice President Dennis Ingamells
Treasurer Jeff Kusterer  Email
Secretary Naomi Welborn Email
Meet Director Telva McGruder   Email
YMCA Aquatics Director Michelle Robinson Email
Head Coach Coach Matt Email
Member at Large Karen Hart Email
Member at Large Kathy Miller Email
Member at Large Gary Walling  Email
Member at Large Laura Forlines Email
Member at Large Dennis Ingamells  Email
Member at Large Jane Evans  Email
Member at Large Janice LaMothe  Email
Past President Paul Miotke Email
Volunteering - want to Help ? Dave Wegener  Email


The NOW Parent Board and Committees are responsible for supporting the operations of the team, as well as directing long term planning. Parent Board funds are used for relay entry fees, scholarships, donations, t-shirts, caps, and social events (e.g., pizza parties and ice cream socials). Parent Board and planning meetings are held on a regular basis and are, generally, posted on the website. Non-Board members are welcome to attend these meeting. Board, Committee, and volunteer positions are filled each year. The more parent volunteers we have, the more events we have. 


North Oakland Waves Parent Board Roles


The President is responsible for overseeing the smooth and consistent operations of the NOW Parent Board and planning activities. The President is the main liaison between the parents, the board, the coaches and the YMCA staff. Duties include, but are not limited to, conducting Board and planning meetings, appointing Board members (i.e., Committee Chairs), mentoring coaches and parents, and publishing the NOW News to membership regularly.
Vice President The Vice President is responsible for conducting meetings in the absence of the President. In addition, this position coordinates the swimmer registration process at the beginning of each season by working with the YMCA to plan and execute the registration process. Duties also include, but are not limited to, registering swimmers with USA Swimming, publishing roster and roster group information, and reconciling registration information between the Y’s systems and NOW’s website.
Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the NOW Parent Board. Duties include, but are not limited to, preparing and monitoring annual budgets, financial reports, paying bills, maintaining receipts, and billing and collection of meet entry fees.


The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes of Board and certain planning meetings. This position is responsible for maintaining an overall season planning calendar used by both the Board and coaches. In addition, this position tracks all scheduled team activities and maintains the team calendar which includes practices, meets and social events.
Meet Director The Meet Director is responsible for organizing all aspects of team hosted meets. Duties of the Meet Directors include conducting all planning meetings, coordinating the activities of all subcommittees, liaising with the YMCA to secure the meet venue, establishing meet setup and tear down parameters, ensuring timely decision making, and receiving feedback from participating teams upon conclusion of the meet. To be a success, hosting meets requires the full support and participation of the entire team (parents and swimmers).
5-7 Members at Large See next table for full details

Past President

Provide advice and support to the current Board.


North Oakland Waves Members at Large Roles
Travel Accomodation Suggest and organize accommodations for team travel events, arrange room blocks. May also coordinate planned dinners and other travel related events.
Awards and Recognition


Meet recaps or communications recognizing swimmer accomplishments during the season. End of season participation, record breaker and dropped time awards May develop an alternative awards and recognition program.
Banquet Coordinator Organizes with the help of additional parent volunteers annual banquet activities including venue, deejay, swimmer gifts, and awards
Event Coordinator Coordinates all swimmer and parent social activities within the team.
Fundraising Identify, coordinate and/or oversee fundraising events. Examples include Oktoberfest, restaurant fundraisers, Parisian community days and swim-a-thons.
Head Official


Run team-hosted meets. Ensure volunteer commitments at other team-attended meets are met. Recruit parent volunteers to become officials
Meet Entry Coordinator Work with coaches to compile and submit team entries and associated payments for meets
Meet Results Coordinator Maintain team times databases and records; Produce and publish top times reports
Merchandise, Apparel, Spiritwear Responsible for coordination, ordering and delivery of team apparel and accessories. Items include caps, shirts, sweats and other items with the team’s logo
National Team Coordinator Coordinate fundraising, travel accommodations, etc. relating to attendance at National meets
Practice Group Rep Each practice group liaison will be a main point of contact for that practice group to answer parent questions, maintain communication, create and update group mailboxes, distribute items to practice groups as required and plan functions for their group.
Public Relations Gather advertising for meet programs. Act as liaison between swim team and the local media
Registration Coordinator Work with the YMCA to plan and execute the registration process. Coordinate website registration process; Manage user account / swimmer activation. Coordinate new member orientation program
USA Swimming Liaison Complete swimmer, coach, and team USA Swimming registrations
Webmaster Manage domain name and emails. Keep website up-to-date. Set up meets and events and send communications, as needed
YMCA NOW Bulletin Board Updates and keeps the YMCA bulletin board current with team pictures and information