With the desire of consistency between USA Swimming Clubs and the high school teams in the South Metro, we have discussed technique with many of the coaches and are working toward having more coaches agree to our plans. 

Both the club and the high school swimming teams are utilizing the technical recommendations laid out by USA swimming, in an effort to have consistency in our teaching methods.  These groups discuss technique at length and are just now coming to a plan that will grow the strength of both programs. 

USA club swimming and high school swimming, each have inherent benefits that the other cannot provide.  High school teams have pep fests, team functions, letter jackets, promotion in local papers and a community pride.  Club teams have exposure to distance races, national events, and year round competition and development.  We know that both types of teams have a place in the sport of swimming and it is our belief that they complement each other very well.  With a consistent teaching methodology and the same end point goals, we will work to eliminate the confusion that can sometimes occur when a swimmer transitions from one program to the other. 

Both organizations have a technical page that you can utilize for learning.  There are links to You Tube videos, as well as PDFs that offer a more complete overview of the current accepted best practice for all strokes, starts and turns.

We are excited for these new partnerships to begin.